Monday, October 1, 2012

I can't believe she's stayed 2 years

A little while ago, my bride and I celebrated 2 years of marriage together so we took our yearly cruise.  This year we wanted to do things a little differently though, so we booked a cruise leaving out of San Juan Puerto Rica.  We flew into San Juan a few days before the cruise left to get Maximum enjoyment out of this trip.  Just a heads up, if you go to San Juan and rent a car, get the extra insurance!  You have no idea the nightmare that is driving in San Juan.  EVERYONE there has the right of way at all times.  Got 4 lanes of traffic to cross?  Not a problem, pull on out at your own pace, everyone else will stop for you, because you have the right of way.  Light’s red? It’s ok, keep on rolling, you’ve got the right of way.  Every car there was beat up.
Part 2 of our Anniversary trip, the cruise!  If you guys haven’t noticed yet, we love to cruise, you can’t get a better value for your buck than you can on a cruise ship.  Only problem with this cruise is there were too many ports of call.  It felt too much like work.  We had to get up at 5:30 every morning to catch a bus to some excursion, most of which were awesome, one, not so much.  In St. Kitts they have a train that will take you around the island so you can see the beauty that is St. Kitts.  My bride was all about this, plus she heard you could see goats, sheep and monkeys, she was sold no matter the cost.  I was most excited about the catamaran ride back to the ship.  I love being on the water.  The wife got to see her goat, and a horse, and about 27 monkeys, I didn’t get my catamaran ride back to the boat.  As it turns out, the train engine has been running since about 1912, ok I can’t back that up, but it was OLD.  I believe the day we rode that train was the day he decided to retire.  We’re about a quarter the way around the island and the train dies.  In the middle of nowhere.    No roads to be seen for our rescue, and a steep drop down to the ocean on the other side of us.  We sit out in the sun baking for about 45 minutes before they get the train running again.  We go a whole 400 or 500 more yards over a bridge and around the bend for the train to die for real this time.  Lucky for us though, those few hundred yards got us close enough to a banana farm that buses could get to us and get us out of there.  They cancelled the rest of our tour, gave us our money back and sent us back to the ship.
Part 3 of our Anniversary trip, the trip home!  Once I check out of a hotel room, or get off the boat, I’m ready to be home.  To me the vacation is over.  On this trip, not so much.  We had to book a later than we wanted too flight.  Not only was our flight later than we wanted, turns out, our flight gets delayed.  Not a big deal, only delayed 30 minutes, the big delay came when we landed back in the ATL.  No, not with our luggage, our luggage was spinning round and round on the belt waiting on us to pick it up.  For this trip we found an AWESOME deal on groupon for airport parking.  40 dollars for 10 days.  We couldn’t pass this up.  It was offsite parking called “Airport Valet”.  You go to their building pick up one of their guys, go to airport, and they drive off with your car.  When you land you call them, they bring you your car, you get in and drive off.  Sounds like a sweet deal!  Well, apparently when they parked our car, they didn’t close the door all the way.  Our car sat in a parking lot for 10 days with the interior lights on.  Our battery was dead as could be.  Our driver has to bring his own car to come and pick us up.  When we get back, he tells us since it’s so late on a Sunday night he’s the only one working, and he just got 3 more calls.  He drops us off at our car, and has to head off to pick up more people.  Did I mention that it’s pouring down rain?  Yeah, I don’t think I did.  It’s pouring down rain, we’re sitting in a car with no power soaking wet, and I have a very unhappy and hungry bride on my hands.  After about an hour the guy returns with jumper cables and jumps us off.  I had to restrain my bride as she was about to say some things to this poor guy that he didn’t deserve.  He’s not the one that drove our car back, so he’s not the guy that left our door open.  The guy that drove the car back hadn’t showered in a few days, so maybe he thought he was doing us a favor by leaving the door cracked so the car could air out, IDK.
All kidding aside, we had an awesome time.  The place we stayed in San Juan was Beautiful!  Right on the beach.  Speaking of the beach in San Juan, the waves there are a bit worse than those we have in gulf.  I was doing a little body surfing and let’s just say that’s when I found out the elastic in my trunks isn’t as good as it should be…  A lot of fish saw my twig and berries.
Our first morning at the hotel we had a “War Eagle Moment”  We went down to have breakfast, it’s Saturday morning, game day.  The wife is decked out in her Auburn gear, and as we sit down, we hear a “War Eagle” come from behind us.  Turns out it’s another young couple celebrating an anniversary.  They both went to Auburn.  He came over from Belgium to play tennis, and she came from Atlanta.  They both said that they just fell in love with the area and with each other.  Believe it or not, when I stood next to this guy, I felt short!