Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Greatest weekend EVER

I can’t believe  I forgot about this until just now.  Maybe this will bring me out of my blogger blah.  Guys, the most awesome thing ever happened a few weekends ago in the back yard of the About to be Smith House.  There is a church right across the street from our house that owns the land behind our house.  Every year they have a large event called “Celebrate America”.  It is normally held on the weekend before the Fourth of July, but for the last few years it has rained on that weekend so they moved it to the last weekend in August.  All their thinking and planning didn’t really pay off as it didn’t rain for the entire month of July, or any of August, until the last weekend of August.  They moved forward with the event though, and people came out, boy did they come out, on foot, car, truck bed, four wheeler, and I believe I saw a lawn mower.  The event has a car show, a rock wall to climb, inflatable jungle gyms, food vendors, fire trucks, live music, and a fireworks display at the end of the night.  It was what we in the country like to call “A big to-do”.  This year though, they added something extra special, something that we haven’t seen in years past, something that excited me very much.  They had MONSTOR TRUCKS!  That’s right, Monster trucks, you know, “Sunday Sunday Sunday, come one come all to see the monsters of mayhem, the goliath’s on grass, high flying, death defying Monster truck rally, 5 dollars for the entire seat, but you’re only going to need the edge edge edge.”  My Bride and I had some running around to do so I was pretty nervous that I was going to miss all the car crushing action.  Reluctantly I agreed to go to town to finish up these errands.  As expected, it took us longer than expected to do our running around in town.  Heartbroken that I’ve probably missed the monster trucks, we headed home in hopes of at least catching the fireworks, if the entire thing hadn’t been rained out.  As we start to get close to the house we notice that there are still cars parked on the side of the road, this lets us know that the fireworks show is still on.  It’s getting dark, but not dark enough for fireworks so we hustle to the house to unload our goods and get ready for the fireworks.  As I’m driving past the opening in the field my bride ask, “What is going on?  Everyone is standing in one area looking at something.”  It wasn’t until we pulled in the drive and parked that we saw a Monster Truck in all it’s glory, air born and ready to lay the vengeance reserved for God Almighty on some poor sinful cars.  We pull the truck into the back yard for our front row seats, roll the windows down, It’s still raining at this point, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Monster Truck Car crushing goodness.  When all was said and done we heard the announcement that these trucks are from Monsters on a Mission.  If there mission was to thrill, as the great former president George “Dubbya” Bush said, “Mission Accomplished!”  At this point I wasn’t even sure if my heart could handle the excitement of a fireworks display, but I was willing to give it a shot and test my old ticker out. We moved out of the truck and to our covered porch to watch the display as we sang “I’m proud to be an American” over and over again, because no Fireworks display in the south is complete without Lee Greenwood.  After wiping away our tears, screaming USA, and making Toby Keith for President signs, we called it a night, thus ending the GREATEST WEEKEND EVER.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogger Blah part deux

I'm still in my blogging funk, but I really want to post something.  I haven't thought of anything to post and then I was searching through some photos on my computer to show our photog about the area we're getting married and I stumbled across these photos.  So I thought I'd share the ridiculousness that is the soon to be Smith House for 6 pound 4 ounce little baby Jesus.  I'm sure Melissa has posted most of these pictures on her blog, but I thought I'd refresh everyone's memory.  So I hope everyone enjoys.

First here is our tree next to a normal person's tree in the back of my truck. 

And here it is finished.

People, I'm 6 foot 4 inches of twisted steel and sex appeal, and I can't touch the top of this tree...

That was just the main tree, we have a tree in EVERY room in the house, even the bathrooms.  I couldn't find pictures of every tree, but I found the Master Bedroom tree.

And the Kitchen Tree

Next one really isn't a tree, but we make a tree out of our chandelier over the kitchen table.

We put out a nice setup for baby Jesus

And we all get ready for bed because Santa is coming!

And in the morning we find that Santa Paws visited us! (Santa Paws is serious about her work)

And Santa Paws guards all the stockings to make sure everyone gets their gifts.

Maggie over sleeps every year and misses Santa Paws, but she still puts on her Christmas Colors and her Christmas Smile.

I wish I could have found pictures of my Charlie Brown tree, (it's in the office) and the guest bedroom Bear tree.  Every year I look forward to Dec 26th so I can start taking this stuff down.  Melissa loves it and she decorates from Thanksgiving until Dec 24th.  The sad thing is, even with all our trees we have ornaments left with out a spot to hang.  Sorry for the lame post, but like I said, I'm in a blogging funk.  I need help to get out of it.