Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Randoms...

I haven't been all that happy with the quality or quantity of my blogs lately.  I'm beginning to think that I'm a horrible story teller.  Or maybe my memory is degrading the content of my stories?  I'm normally a funny guy, but my blogs here lately haven't been humorous at all.  I'm going to work on this though.  I want everyone to enjoy reading my blogs.

On another serious note.  I'm not sure how many of you guys watch Deadliest catch on Discovery channel, but these last few shows have been tough to watch.  They have been dealing with one of the most popular captains passing.  Discovery channel has done such a great job of covering this.  It has been handled with so much class.  Thank you Discovery for taking this incredibly touch situation and showing it in such a tasteful way.

Melissa and I have two showers down, two more to go, unless anyone else wants to throw us one!  So far we've done pretty good on the goods.  Registering for all our gifts was exciting, but stressful.  After looking at everything we put on the list we started to fill selfish.  Does anyone really need all the stuff we put on this list?  Oh well, getting gifts is FUN!  It's like a Christmas every weekend here at the soon to be Smith House.

Now we're getting ready for the honeymoon.  We know what we want to do, now we're just buttoning down the details.  Thanks to Susannah we've picked us a place to crash in Key west for a few days.  Then we're going to board a boat in Miami for a little cruise.  I <3 to cruse.  It's so nice to not have to worry about anything.  I so love being on the water, and being stress free.  No phones, no access to the internet, no work emails.  I think my job will be on a cruise ship.

Speaking of next jobs, I've decided that with my love of history when I retire I'm going to get me a job as a tour guide at some historical place.  I think I would really enjoy sharing my love of history and knowledge of history with strangers.  My only problem is that I'm pretty shy.  Melissa is the spokesperson for our family.  A lady at church told us the other day that our marriage will last because I'm quite and I let Melissa do all the talking.  Hopefully she's right.

I'm on a huge pizza kick right now.  I just can't get enough pizza.  It doesn't matter what brand of pizza it is.  It can be from a chain for a frozen pizza we warmed up ourselves.

FYI, it's kind of hot outside.  Good thing I handle the heat well. Bad thing, our A/C never seems to stop running, I fear what our power bill is going to look like.  I'm sure Alabama Power is loving it though.

If you spray carpet cleaner, make sure you have carpet brush in hand after spraying because a cat will lick the carpet cleaner, and carpet clean will said cat puke, a lot.  I stepped in some dooty in the yard the other night and didn't know.  When I noticed it I started trying to remember everywhere that I had walked so I could clean carpet.  I sprayed the foaming carpet cleaner on some of the spots that I knew had I walked on and then walked off to find the carpet scrubbing brush.  As I'm in the cabinet with all the cleaning supplies I hear a God awful screaming moan come from a cat.  Then I hear Melissa saying, "Possum licked the carpet cleaner and he's throwing up."  I guess it was good thing that I already had the carpet cleaner out because I was about to really need it.  Possum is fine now and back to his normal crazy self, we were really worried about him that night though.

I noticed this post was kind of long, it's Sunday and I'm lazy so I'm not proofreading.  If there are any typo's or miss spelled letters you're just going to have to deal with it. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Need some help...

Little bit of back ground here.  Melissa and I are planning to honeymoon in Key West so I've been looking around for things to do.  I've been to the keys before and I remember there not being too much to do on the island.  Have any of you guys been to the keys?  I think Melissa wants to just sit by the pool or on a beach and chill, but I'm afraid I will bore of this and want something else to do. What fun things are there to do?  I know I want to snorkel, so I've been looking at that.  But when you google what to do in Key West it pretty much says snorkel, scuba, or take a ride on a boat.  Keep in mind this will be in September so I might be going a little stir crazy over being away from my TV during college football season.

The most I remember about Key West from my trip down there in the late 90's was that the beaches are crushed coral, and I bought a T-shirt that had a pretty profane saying on it.  Oh, and we got spanked at some beach volleyball by some locals.  (Diving on a crushed coral beach HURTS! especially when you get in the water afterwards.)

I map quested the drive today, I must say I'm not looking forward to it!  744 miles, 13 hours.  Thank God for cruise control!  I'm no stranger to a long drive though, so Key West, here we come!  Might turn out to be Griswald Honeymoon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Is this cheating?

Is it cheating that my bride and I keep checking our online registries to see what gifts have been purchased for you us so far?  We have another shower coming up this weekend and we’ve been checking all three of our list to see what’s missing.  Then we play a game to try and guess who bought us what from the list.  So far we have one shower down and 3 coming up in weeks to follow.  We’re going to my folks house this weekend for a shower my fam is throwing, then I’m invited to a couples shower, and then Melissa has one final shower in Birmingham.  In case any of my loyal readers out there want to surprise me with a gift, we’re registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, and Dillard’s.  So far we haven’t gotten anything from the Dillard’s registry. 
Since we’re talking about showers, Melissa had a shower last weekend thrown by her Step Mother, and two other friends of family.  We went to Birmingham for the event, I did some yard work with her father, and he and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch during the shower.  We got some fun stuff and we couldn’t wait to get home and admire our new goodies.  When we arrived home we were shocked to find just how hot our house was.  At some time over the weekend while we were gone our A/C unit quit.  The third summer in a row that we’ve had to call a repair man.  Turns out our line to drain the condensation got pinched so the drain pan filled up, triggered the safety and killed our system. 
In other wedding news, we have the tuxes picked out.  I go for my groom’s fitting next Friday.  This is just to make sure that we like the colors and style of tux we chose and make sure everything fits me.  I was very hurt when they measured my waist and told me I wear a 41 inch waist.  There is NO WAY that is right!  I told them to order me a 36 because I am NOT wearing a 41 inch pant.  I guess I’m about to have to get off my arse and do something incase they weren’t lying to me about my pant size. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Domestic Duties - FAIL

As I’ve stated in my last few blog post, I’ve been crazy busy at work.  Well yesterday wasn’t an exception.  I’ve been working late every night for the past two weeks.  Tuesday Melissa threatened my life if I worked late yesterday because we had an appointment to meet with a photographer for our wedding.  Well low and below I’m sitting at my desk, head down, pounding away on a project when I get the angry phone call from mission control.  Its official, I’m late, and still at work.  The appointment was for 7:00, and it was 7:15 when I got the call from the boss.  I try to neatly put an end to what I’m doing so I can get out the door.  I rush over for the meeting, arriving around 7:30.  We meet with the photographer, the same guy that did our engagement session and we believe he’s going to do our wedding as well.  His prices are great and his work is amazing.  As we’re leaving the meeting I make a comment that doesn’t go over all that well with the boss, “I’ve got to log back in and finish up this work.”
We get to the house a little after 8:00 and Melissa starts making dinner.  I log in and continue working.  I take a quick break from work to eat when it’s ready, then right back to my computer.  At this point I’m sure you’re wondering why the blog is titled “Domestic Duties – FAIL”, and the answer is…  It’s my job to wash the dishes every night.  Something I don’t mind doing because I hate a cluttered sink.  I load the small items into the dishwasher, plates, forks, spoons, glasses, those types of things, and I hand wash the bigger items, Pots (which are Revere ware that has copper that I have to polish after every use) , pans, mixing bowls, our non dishwasher safe knifes, and the wooden utensils, I also wipe down the stove, counter tops and the sinks.  My thinking was, if I can finish up this work real quick, I’ll wash the dishes, clean the cat box, walk Maggie and get ready for bed.  Well, real quick didn’t really happen.  I finally finished up and logged out around 11:45, 45 minutes past my normal bed time.  I walk in the kitchen and peak at the dishes, it kills me, I think about washing them, but I can’t be late for work so I have to get in the bed.  I decide to clean the cat box, a task that has to be done nightly with our four cats or they’ll start looking for other places to make potty, walk Maggie and go to bed.  When I woke up this morning I realized how disappointed I was in myself when I saw the kitchen.  Did the cats get up there and use more dishes?  I don’t remember it looking so bad.  So this may sound weird, but I can’t wait to get home and handle these dishes.  Melissa has told me that I have “Dishues” because I have a certain way that I like the dishes loaded in the dishwasher, and a certain way I like to hand wash the other things.  Since we’re talking about it, do any of you use this amazing drying mat?  I heart this mat.

My only complaint is sometimes I have more dishes than it will hold.  But it’s great because we didn’t want a dish strainer thing sitting on the counter, but this thing just folds up and gets put away with the other wash clothes and towels.  My only other complaint about washing the dishes is that my sink is too low.  I have to do a lot of bending to get to the sink.  I need a taller sink. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let's kick the tires and light the fires

Where has Cas been?  I’m sure that’s what everyone has been asking.  Well, I’m about to educate yous guys on all the goings on.  Work has been crazy busy, but you already knew that.  Highlight of my work week, receiving an email from Mr. Wang on Long Dong Ave. in Beijing, true story. 
Thursday the wife to be and I went to our friend’s house for their son’s first Birthday party.  Then Opelika had their city fireworks display so we stayed and watched that. 
Friday I took Adam to the Airport so he could get back home, another failed chance for the triple play. 
Saturday we picked up Bridesmaid dresses and looked at tuxes, wedding stuff is so boring.  *It’s so worth it for the prize at the end though babe.  ;) 
Sunday we had a “connection” event at church.  We all went to the lake and mingled with each other over BBQ and games.  Somehow the event turned to kids pelting adults with water balloons and squirt guns.  After “Church” we were invited to a friend’s house to swim in their pool.  They grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, people brought deserts, FYI, if anyone wants any Banana pudding Melissa and I have a ton of it, swing on by the house and get some we’re really pushing it.  Later in the afternoon the men decided that we needed some fireworks to really celebrate the fourth.  All the guys load up and head out to find big boom.  I say all the guys, I thought I was a “guys” but apparently not.  I was like Kirk Cameron and was left behind because of the seating capacity in the car.  It wasn’t long after they left that I realized I was the only dude sitting at a table of ladies talking about ladies issues.  I have become that guy…  I’m the gay straight friend, my life is so sad.  When the men returned from the hunt … for fireworks, they wanted ice cream.  Melissa and I brought our ice cream maker so she got to mixing and I got the ice and the maker ready.  Making ice cream is innocent fun right!?  Well, not when you use your own home made perpetual vanilla made with Vodka and vanilla beans.  Something Melissa and I didn’t think of was there were some recovering alcoholics at the party.  When they heard about our Vanilla all heck broke loss.  We were being blamed for them getting back on the wagon, and for getting the kids drunk.  One party goer took the tube the ice cream was churned in and wanted to drink it like a milkshake.  Hardy har har people, that’s how vanilla extract is made.  Now Melissa and I are known as the church drunks.  You try and do something nice for people and they make you feel like “one pathetic loser”. 
I hope everyone else had as much fun on their Holiday weekend as we did.