Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm trying to do better...

I’m sure you guys are super tired of hearing me say, "I’m so busy", and I know everyone is thinking, "we’re all busy too and we take the time to share our lives".  Well I apologize, so here is my second posting of the day. 
My 10 year anniversary with the company that employees me is May 2nd.  So that’s an accomplishment to me.  I’m proud to say I’ve worked somewhere for 10 years. 
Random item number 2, I said Number 2, Melissa and I had our engagement pictures taken Sunday, and they turned out great.  We had a lot of fun taking them.  Cody at HedgeHog photography was awesome to work with.  I don’t know if I can post the “preview” pictures he sent us or not, but if you’re friends with me on Facebook, he tagged me in the pictures so you can view them there. 
Thought three, with the ‘use them or lose them’ policy on vacation days, I had to burn a few days before May 2nd so I took a few days off this week.  We got a lot of yard work done, lots of flowers in pots, and we are now ready to start filling in the big raised bed around the crepe myrtles.   
This posting isn’t funny at all.  I feel like I’m letting everyone down.  It seems like I’m not putting any thought into this and just rushing to get it posted so I’ll have something posted since it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.  Does anyone else get that feeling?  Now I’m just writing random words to make the post look longer.  That’s almost a good “That’s what she said” joke, but I’m not going there right now, that might distract me and take me off of the point I was trying to make which is that this is a really long sentence and yet I haven’t said anything at all.  Is anyone still reading this?   

Yay for awards!

I've received two awards from two of wonderful ladies.  Susannah from The Edwards Edition first gave me the Sunshine Award, which I couldn't complete because I don't know 12 bloggers.  I know how am I going to get more followers if I don't follow others.  I'm working on it though.  Then LG from iGrzas gave me the I Love Your Blog award.  Thank you ladies for the blogging awards.  I'll fill out the ten things that make me happy and mention that you gave me props, but I don't think I'm going to be able to pass the awards along. 

10 Things that make me happy:
1. The Wife to Bee
2. Snoogans
3. Rain
4. Sleep
5. A good movie
6. Spending time with close friends
7. Completing a project
8. A good Carnival Cruise
9. Food
10. Making other people happy.

Sorry I've been MIA for so long, but we've had a lot going on.  Plus being so busy with work doesn't give me anything fun to talk about. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

What a Horrible Blogger

To my dear 3 readers, I'm so sorry that I haven't been blogging lately.  I can't believe how busy everything has been lately.  I've taken a little bit of time to jot down some of my all time favorite movies.  This list is in no way complete and I'll probably think of a ton more as soon as this is posted, but this is the list of movies that I could think of at this very moment in time.  Take a look let me know what you think, tell me the movies I left off, or the movies that make you think, "What the crap, he liked that movie?"

Life Changers:
American History X
Saving Private Ryan
Schindler’s List

Dumb and Dumber
The Private Eyes
Harlem Nights
Blazing Saddles
Chasing Amy
Forrest Gump
Talladega Nights
Step Brothers
Anchor Man
Old School
The Princess Bride
The Proposal
Van Wilder
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Demolition Man
She’s all That
10 Things I Hate About You
Rush Hour
Back to the Futures
Groundhog Day
The Sandlot

The Usual Suspects
Fight Club
Deja Vu
Butterfly Affect
6th Sense

The Bourne Series
The Transporter
Rumble in the Bronx
Scar Face
Star Wars

Cast Away
Green Mile
Shawshank Redemption
Stand by Me
The Illusionist
Cinderella Man
Sling Blade

Chick Flicks:
PS I love you
Definitely Maybe
The Notebook
Devil Wears Parada
Julie and Julia

Made while husband with banging an ugly chick with a tat on her forehead:
The Blind Side

Every Pixar movie
Beavis an d Butt-Head do America

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend Report

Easter weekend!  One of the two times a year that I’m a Catholic, the other being Christmas.  Good Friday was truly a good Friday since I was allowed to work from home.  As expected we busted butt early in the morning to get everything caught up, then we were able to coast through the rest of the day.  After work Melissa and I made our pilgrimage to Birmingham to see her family. 
Saturday was pretty uneventful.  Melissa went bridesmaids dress shopping with two of her long time friends, I stayed at the house and worked on and cleaned her car with her father.  Saturday night we went to Mass.  Which Melissa and I thought was just going to be your standard, sit down, stand up, kneel, sit back, try to not throw up as you watch everyone drink out of the same cup, run of the mill Mass.  But alas, this wasn’t a standard Mass, it was a combo confirmation/candle lit Easter Vigil Mass.  The Easter Vigil was beautiful, the confirmation was long, but made enjoyable by the little in front of us that kept taking pictures of her parents and grandparents butts when they did the stand up parts.  Two and a half hours later, they fed us.  Side note, I think it’s so gross that everyone drinks from the same cup!  Gag!  Us that were raised Southern Baptist are used to everyone getting their own little mini shot glass with half a sip of grape juice in it. 
Sunday I was tasked with Picking up the long time family friend who can’t get around that well.  I show up at her house, get her loaded in the car and head down the driveway, at which point she turns to me and declares, “Oh, I know who you are!  You’re Cas.”  Apparently she’ll just jump in the car with anyone and go for a ride.  Lunch was lovely, and then we headed home.
I count Monday as part of the weekend since I work 10 hour shifts and get a three day weekend every weekend.  Melissa and I did some running around in town.  We bought another tree for the yard, and after a loud “discussion” between the two us on where said tree should be placed, we planted it lovingly into the ground.  Melissa stated that earlier she saw Mags dragging her butt, so that means it is time for the family gland expressing.  *disclaimer, this is about to get gross, if you have a weak stomach or small children you may want to look away.  We round up Mags, get her into the bathroom, Melissa holds her over the tub and with my gloved hand  and TP I start the expressing process.  This normally goes off without a hitch, glands express right into the TP, TP is flushed, glove is tossed, Mags is bathed.  Everyone is happy, Monday….  Not so much.  Starts out as expected, but then out of nowhere the gland goes into some sort of post sex split pee stream that covers Melissa and I with its smelly goodness. After this I’m not even sure if I got her glands fully expressed, there was too much screaming and gagging to continue.  The bathroom window was flung open, the poot fan fired up, shower water turned on, and clothes started flying as Melissa, Mags and I all dove into the shower to get this crap off of us.  Oh the things we’ll do to save 11 dollars and a trip to the vet…