Friday, October 29, 2010

We're Number One!

So for the past two weekends I’ve been lucky enough to be given tickets to the Auburn games.  Man, there is nothing that can match being in Jordan-Hare stadium on game day.  I get goose bumps in that place.  When the crowd is cheering and the tigers are winning, it’s hard to beat.  Heck I just got goose bumps sitting here thinking about it as I write.   Don’t know if any of yous guys have had a chance to go this year, but before the game they play “All I do is Win” and when the song says “Everybody hands go up”, the entire stadium throws their hands in the air, chills.  And don’t even get me started on the Eagle flying, the jets flying over, and the players running through the tunnels.  When I played football there was maybe 100 people in the stands, so few that you couldn’t even hear crowd noise.  I want to know what it’s like to be on that field and to hear what they have to hear down there. 
I’ve been to games in a bunch of cities, but nothing has ever matched Jordan-Hare.  Even to the point that visiting teams and sports casters have written about how awesome it is to go to a game on the Plains.  Incase you guys haven’t seen this article after the South Carolina game, I believe everyone needs to give it a read.  Scott Van Pelt of ESPN wrote this article a few years ago after his visit to the plains, another must read for all Auburn fans.
Now that the Tigers are number 1 in the BCS,  I must say it makes me a bit nervous.  Let me tell you why, the number 1 team has been upset in the last 3 weeks.  I was kind of hoping Auburn would fall into the two spot and let Oregon take the #1 so we could still win for the BCS game, but wouldn’t have the pressure of being the Number 1 team.  And Oregon stands a good chance at the upset this weekend against USC.  Oh well, I have faith in my Tigers. 
After the first few games I wasn’t completely sold on Cam Newton, one reason is I missed three games because I got married and went on a two week honeymoon.  Two of the games I missed were the South Carolina and Clemson games, pretty big games to miss for Cam Newton.  Missing those games only allowed me to see stats, which didn’t tell the whole story.  I didn’t get to see how Cam could pick up the entire team and carry them to a victory.  After watching a few games on the TV and live I now give him the respect he’s due.  So Cam, I apologize for not jumping on your bandwagon sooner. 
Another thought I’ve had, how awesome would it be to have a Heisman winner, and win the National Championship one year after Alabama did the same thing?  They can say they have more, but we can say we’ve won one more recently.  And you can’t forget that Auburn already has more Heisman winners then they do. 
So to all my Orange and Blue, Weage Weagle cause all I do is win win win, no matter what

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hippie man...

So I haven’t had my hair cut since a week before my bride and I said I Do.  If you’re doing the math that’s a month and a half.  My hair is getting kind of long and is need of being cut.  I keep begging my bride to cut my hair to save me the 15 bucks it cost at the cuttin’ corner, yes that is where I go to get my hair did.  If the name isn’t funny enough, it’s not even on a corner, it’s sitting across the street from a church.  I’m half way tempted to just break out the clippers tonight and go #3 guard on my head.  I’m getting sick of doing this comb over and from looking at my wedding pictures, the comb over isn’t really doing that good of a job.  A lot of scalp being shown in those pictures.  I guess tonight I’ll go home and beg my bride one more time to cut my hair, if she won’t do it, it’s off with his hair! 
Here are some pictures of from my last long hair days.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update, of sorts

I don’t know how everyone else writes their blogs, but I write mine during breaks or while I’m running a report or some other time consuming task at work.  I type them up in word and just leave my word doc open all day until I finish the blog then I copy and paste it into blogger.  Well I’m telling you this story because I started a G-rated blog about the honeymoon that my Bride and I went on that has vanished.  I don’t remember closing the document out, but I do remember titling it and saving it to my blog folder on my desktop.  I have no idea what happened to it, but it’s apparently gone.  I’ve learned that when I have to rewrite something it never turns out as good as it was the first time I wrote it so I’m not even going to try.  Sorry guys and girls, I know I’ve disappointed you.  Below are some random thoughts to help fill the disappointment.
Driving from Rome GA to Auburn AL and then to Key West FL in one day sounds good in theory, but really sucks in practice.  That’s a lot of time spent in one car.
It took me a good week to get back into the swing of working again, and apparently even longer to get back into the swing of blogging.
If you don’t like eating boogers, don’t pick your nose with your tongue out.  Not a true life experience, just a funny thought I had while driving the 17 hours from Auburn to Key West while my bride slept. 
It cost a lot to drive the entire Florida Turnpike.  Especially if you have to stop for gas.
You can use frequent flier miles for more than flying!  We used my miles to get a nights stay at a super nice hotel in Orlando.
Susannah, thanks for the awesome recommendation of lodging in Key West.  We enjoyed it so much we had to send you that post card.
Dreaming about winning the lottery never seems to get old.
Today starts the busiest time of the year for my industry, followed by the slowest time.
The more games Auburn wins the more nervous I get before every game.  Each win gives us more to lose.
I had a great weekend last weekend, saw the Globe Trotters Friday night and then took my bride to see the Auburn/Arkansas game Saturday, followed by another fun day date with my bride at the Hummingbird Festival.
Apparently walking a dog with a pink leash/collar combo, and a shirt with a rhinestone Hummingbird and a Huge flower isn’t enough for people to realize the dog is a female and to not ask me “What’s HIS name?".

Fried Oreo’s aren’t as good as one would think…  I take that back, they’re pretty much exactly what you would think.
I’m waiting on Charity to blog about our visit to see them and the Shrimp Festival so I won’t have to try and remember anything and I can just copy and paste her blog.  She’s better at it than I am.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Weekend Wrap up

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding, and let me tell you, this girl right here got hers September 11th.  I mean, wait what?  I’m not a girl…  But I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding.  My job was simple, stand up there and look handsome, NAILED IT!  For those of you that don’t know, my Bride and I got married in a little stone chapel on top of a hill, just like in the fairytales.  I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way the wedding turned out.  My Bride was as beautiful as ever, if anyone has been by my Facebook page and seen the photo preview from our photographer you’ll agree.  I was not in the least bit nervous about getting married, I was nervous about standing in front of everyone and kissing my Bride, but once the service started all of that went away because it was just she and I standing up there, no one else seemed to be in the room. 
I was very proud of myself for only laughing once during the ceremony, and I tried my best to hold that in, so it came out as more of a full hearted giggle.  Is that even possible? 
I don’t really think I can ever put into words how pretty the setting of our wedding was.  Frost Chapel at Berry College is an amazing place, Berry College itself is.  If any of you get a chance to ride out there for the day I highly suggest you do it.  It’s not all that far from you Susannah, *hint hint*.  Being that I was the groom in this event and my Bride was well, the bridge, we don’t have any pictures of our own.  But here are some pictures from a fellow blogger, and the person that set my Bride and I up, Blog 1, Blog 2, and Blog 3.  I encourage everyone to go and look at her pictures.
We did things a bit differently for our wedding, I got to see my Bridge before she walked down the isle. We did what is called a “reveal”. I stood at the alter with my back turned, and when my Bride was ready she walked in and tapped me on my shoulder.  As I turned around to see her our photographers took pictures of us seeing each other for the first time.  I liked doing it this way because after a few pictures were taken, everyone left the church and it was just my Bride and I alone for about 10 minutes just enjoying each other, not in that way you perverts!  Then we all went outside and finished up some bridal party pictures.  BTW, or photographer was amazing, if anyone needs some pictures done we suggest you look them up, their website is  They are a young married couple that does this for fun.  I hope they thought our wedding day was fun, because we feel like we put them through all kinds of heck.
One last little boring detail, my Bride gave me the one thing that I asked for out of this entire wedding.  I let her have her wedding, so everything you see in the pictures is all her doing, and I think she did an amazing job.  But I requested one thing, and one thing only.  We left the church to Linus and Lucy, aka the Peanuts theme song.  My cousin played the Organ and Flute for us, and one of my Groomsmen, Adam, and another good friend Casi sang when “God made you” during the lighting of the Unity Candle.  Which by the way is something I tried to stop, the church had no A/C and it was hot, I wanted as few candles burning as possible! 
Since all this wedding stuff is over with I’m hoping my Bride will get back to blogging, I know she’ll do a much better job recalling and telling this wedding story than I did.

Getting in on the wordless Wednesday