Friday, October 22, 2010

Hippie man...

So I haven’t had my hair cut since a week before my bride and I said I Do.  If you’re doing the math that’s a month and a half.  My hair is getting kind of long and is need of being cut.  I keep begging my bride to cut my hair to save me the 15 bucks it cost at the cuttin’ corner, yes that is where I go to get my hair did.  If the name isn’t funny enough, it’s not even on a corner, it’s sitting across the street from a church.  I’m half way tempted to just break out the clippers tonight and go #3 guard on my head.  I’m getting sick of doing this comb over and from looking at my wedding pictures, the comb over isn’t really doing that good of a job.  A lot of scalp being shown in those pictures.  I guess tonight I’ll go home and beg my bride one more time to cut my hair, if she won’t do it, it’s off with his hair! 
Here are some pictures of from my last long hair days.

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