Friday, October 29, 2010

We're Number One!

So for the past two weekends I’ve been lucky enough to be given tickets to the Auburn games.  Man, there is nothing that can match being in Jordan-Hare stadium on game day.  I get goose bumps in that place.  When the crowd is cheering and the tigers are winning, it’s hard to beat.  Heck I just got goose bumps sitting here thinking about it as I write.   Don’t know if any of yous guys have had a chance to go this year, but before the game they play “All I do is Win” and when the song says “Everybody hands go up”, the entire stadium throws their hands in the air, chills.  And don’t even get me started on the Eagle flying, the jets flying over, and the players running through the tunnels.  When I played football there was maybe 100 people in the stands, so few that you couldn’t even hear crowd noise.  I want to know what it’s like to be on that field and to hear what they have to hear down there. 
I’ve been to games in a bunch of cities, but nothing has ever matched Jordan-Hare.  Even to the point that visiting teams and sports casters have written about how awesome it is to go to a game on the Plains.  Incase you guys haven’t seen this article after the South Carolina game, I believe everyone needs to give it a read.  Scott Van Pelt of ESPN wrote this article a few years ago after his visit to the plains, another must read for all Auburn fans.
Now that the Tigers are number 1 in the BCS,  I must say it makes me a bit nervous.  Let me tell you why, the number 1 team has been upset in the last 3 weeks.  I was kind of hoping Auburn would fall into the two spot and let Oregon take the #1 so we could still win for the BCS game, but wouldn’t have the pressure of being the Number 1 team.  And Oregon stands a good chance at the upset this weekend against USC.  Oh well, I have faith in my Tigers. 
After the first few games I wasn’t completely sold on Cam Newton, one reason is I missed three games because I got married and went on a two week honeymoon.  Two of the games I missed were the South Carolina and Clemson games, pretty big games to miss for Cam Newton.  Missing those games only allowed me to see stats, which didn’t tell the whole story.  I didn’t get to see how Cam could pick up the entire team and carry them to a victory.  After watching a few games on the TV and live I now give him the respect he’s due.  So Cam, I apologize for not jumping on your bandwagon sooner. 
Another thought I’ve had, how awesome would it be to have a Heisman winner, and win the National Championship one year after Alabama did the same thing?  They can say they have more, but we can say we’ve won one more recently.  And you can’t forget that Auburn already has more Heisman winners then they do. 
So to all my Orange and Blue, Weage Weagle cause all I do is win win win, no matter what

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  1. For sure, you are a winner! You have Melissa and you have your Auburn Tigers (and mine)! WDE!!