Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't worry, I got this

I jokingly put “Don’t worry, I got this” as the caption for a picture of my Buddy Christ bobble head on Facebook.  I was subtlety implying that it did mean that what he “got” was our salvation, but it was in a fun, light hearted manner.  Friday night we went to our Good Friday service, and as our praise group was singing it donned on me just how right I was.  When they sang “Jesus paid it all”, a light went on in my head, “He’s got my debt”.  I’ve tried to keep my blog from being too religious.  I don’t honestly don’t feel I have any right to try and preach to anyone, I know I have my bucket of sin so I don’t want anyone thinking I’m something that I’m not.  I just couldn’t help but share the revelation I had Friday night though.

Don't worry, I got this...

I know this is a little out of order, but I thought I'd give the important stuff first.  Our youth stuffed all our eggs for our Easter Egg hunt Tuesday night.  I took my Buddy Christ to the egg stuffing event and it turns out he was a hit.  So below are two pictures we took just having fun with Jesus.

And yes, my truck did come with a tape player, how jealous are all of you!?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh so random

So I’m sitting at my desk today working and I have All4One’s song “So much in love” pop into my head for no reason.  I’m singing right alone in my head when I get to some lyrics that I can’t remember.  I hop on my good friend Google and search for the missing lyrics.  This makes me happy.  As I’m reading (reading = singing) the lyrics off the screen I notice in the margins of the page one of those, “If you like this you might like this” type of deals.  What I saw changed my day for the good.  If you like All4One you might also like Az Yet.  Why YES!  I do like both All4One and Az Yet.  A few clicks later I’m watching “Last Night” by Az Yet on the Tube, it's a little dirtier than I remembered.  From there a whole one click later I’m watching “Hard to say I’m sorry” also by Az Yet.  These songs had all but been wiped from my memory, but now they’re back.  How did I make it these past few years without these songs?  How did I go my wedding day/night without that All4one song?  We just didn’t know how good we had it musically back then.  Now I need to start working on a R&B CD, something we used to call a “Panty Wetter” CD back in the day.

Since I try to learn something new everyday, what I've learned from Az yet today is that apparently no matter what you've done, giving a puppy to a woman equals instant forgiveness.  Thank you Az Yet for that knowledge. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

See Rock City?

So the Smith’s have started a garden.  We have planted all our below ground veggies, and will start on the above ground veggies this weekend.  I knew our yard was rocky, but jeepers creepers!  If anyone has ever ran a tiller before than you know that tillers and rocks don’t really get along.  It’s like the bloods and the cripts shooting it out and I’m the poor lone cop trying to control the riot.  Everything is fine and going great, me and the tiller are getting along great, moving at a nice pace, then BANG, the tines hit a rock, the tiller bucks up in the air like a spooked horse, and we’re off to the races.  It’s a good five feet of me being drug through the yard before I can calm this beast of a horse down.  Apparently I have Alabama’s rockiest yard!  I think I’m going to put Rock City out of business!  I need to put a booth up and start charging admittance to come see Alabama’s Rock City! I really hope all this hard work is worth it.  If we have another summer like we did last summer, all the money we would have saved by growing these veggies will go right back out the hose pipe in watering the garden.  Time will tell if all this work will be worth it or not.  If this turns out to be a big bust we won’t be doing this again next year.  If it works out then I’ll build my bride a stand so she can sit out at the road with her straw hat and overalls selling the fruits (and veggies) of our labor.  I wish I had some pictures to share of me fighting the tiller, and my bride being a hoe, I mean using a hoe, but we left the camera in the house.  Maybe I’ll break the tiller back out and have my bride snap a few shots of me acting like I’m being drug through the yard for sh*ts and giggles. 
On another note Rock City is a special place to me and my bride, so I didn’t mind the rocks too much at all.  Every time I would hit one I’d think of our wonderful weekend together in the late crisp October air.  I’ll also always remember our “wonderful” *insert as much sarcasm as possible here* hotel choices.  I will say that at least the hotel I chose had heating and air, can’t say that for the hotel my bride chose for us.  You know it’s never a good sign when they hand you your remote when you check in and demand that you turn it back in with your key when you check out.  I swear someone was murdered in our room.  But the blood stains had all but disappeared into all the other stains and unmentionable fluids that made the carpet so matted and sticky.  Bad as it sounds, those things are what made the trip great, and they’re memories we’ll always share and laugh at.  I’m sure the story will get funnier and more meaningful as the years pass.  Love you babe!  We need to head to the beach this summer and Rock City this fall!