Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh so random

So I’m sitting at my desk today working and I have All4One’s song “So much in love” pop into my head for no reason.  I’m singing right alone in my head when I get to some lyrics that I can’t remember.  I hop on my good friend Google and search for the missing lyrics.  This makes me happy.  As I’m reading (reading = singing) the lyrics off the screen I notice in the margins of the page one of those, “If you like this you might like this” type of deals.  What I saw changed my day for the good.  If you like All4One you might also like Az Yet.  Why YES!  I do like both All4One and Az Yet.  A few clicks later I’m watching “Last Night” by Az Yet on the Tube, it's a little dirtier than I remembered.  From there a whole one click later I’m watching “Hard to say I’m sorry” also by Az Yet.  These songs had all but been wiped from my memory, but now they’re back.  How did I make it these past few years without these songs?  How did I go my wedding day/night without that All4one song?  We just didn’t know how good we had it musically back then.  Now I need to start working on a R&B CD, something we used to call a “Panty Wetter” CD back in the day.

Since I try to learn something new everyday, what I've learned from Az yet today is that apparently no matter what you've done, giving a puppy to a woman equals instant forgiveness.  Thank you Az Yet for that knowledge. 

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  1. LOL...ah the memories of these songs while there are at least 6 people crammed into the Bronco heading to the bowling alley after church.