Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two more to go

That's right, only two more regular season games to go before the playoffs start. I'm proud to say that we won our game Friday night, but then lost tonight. We simply gave out of gas this evening and couldn't run with a team that had 8 subs sitting on the bench. We had 6 players show up tonight so I knew I'd get some playing time, especially when one of our players pulled his hamstring. Now, FYI, I'm in no shape to really be playing basketball so leaving me in for long periods of time really hurts the team more than I can do good. I try to save myself for defense and grab every rebound that comes off the rim, but my legs just gave out way too early tonight. Try as hard as I could I just couldn't get off the ground. One good thing about me being so lazy is that it leaves me standing around the 3 point line with nothing to do on offense. Tonight I was forced to do something so I fogged up some 3 pointers when another teammate was in trouble and had no one else to pass the ball to. Wouldn't you just know it, I still have a little bit of a shot in me, and I nailed both of the 3's I shot. Layups... Well that's a different story. I missed about 5 or 6 layups, or shots that were within 10 feet of the goal. I did put the ball on the floor and drive hard to the rim, but my poor tired legs left me standing on the ground which in-turn led to my shot getting pinned up against the back wall of the gym. So my stats for the night are about 6 rebounds, 6 points on 2 for 2 threes, two blocked shots, one blocked on offense and then I blocked one on defense, and I maybe had 1 assist, but I'm not positive about that. We have a make up game tomorrow night since the Friday before last's got snowed out, then our final game is Friday. Single elimination playoffs start Monday March 1st, so our season ends Monday March 1st. It was good times, great oldies out there, and by oldies I mean me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NBA Jamz!

I know everyone has been wondering where my latest basketball game update was! Well the thing is, our game Friday got snowed out and Tuesday was our bye week. So I have no update, to be honest with you, I really don't have anything entertaining or humorous to say today. Sorry to disappoint. As a reminder no one has been able to guess my movie quotes yet so don't forget to swing by and take a crack at Movie quote one and Movie quote two. (if you need a hint click here.)

*Yes, I did go back and add the links after Susanna asked where the quotes where.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

V day -1, or Valentines Eve

I'm not sure if I'll have time to post this on Valentine's day so I'm going to go ahead and post it now. As some of you may know this year, 2010, will be the year that I marry the woman that has loved me unconditionally long before I would admit that I loved her back. I don't do well with love or mushy things, so she's had to put up with a lot of unromantic gifts and holidays. I'm called an emotionless robot often by Melissa, even though I do try to show my love as best I can. Truth is, if it's not humor I just don't know how to express the emotion. So I'll try and do the best that I can in this writing. How did I know Melissa was the "one" for me? Well, I was watching, or reading I can't remember which now, something on soliders and I was sickened to learn that when some of these soliders were returning home from battle missing an arm or a leg, or if they were badly burned or misfigured in any way, the women that they loved, and were so looking forward to see again, weren't happy to see them, but disgusted by them and would leave this poor broken man at the time when he needed love the most. This led me to thinking, and I realized that the woman I had wouldn't do that to me. I could see in her eyes that she loves me for the me that I am, not just my twisted steel and sex appeal. When ever I was depressed, which was a great deal when we first met, she was there to breath life back into me. The fact that she still wanted to see me again after our first meeting when I hadn't showered, had cuts all over my face and arms, a broken rib, and had to borrow a roommates car to go meet her is beyond me. You see, When Melissa and I were to meet was about a week earlier than when we did meet. I was in a horrific car accident days before we were to to on a blind date. When the friend that was setting us up told Melissa that we couldn't meet due to my injuries the first thing Melissa wanted to know was if there was anything she could do for me. She was willing to help some guy that she hadn't even met yet, who she didn't even know if she would be attracted too, or even like in the least. I honestly don't think she saw love at first sight when we met, but luckly for me she stuck around and gave me a second chance so I could shower and shave and take her on proper date. We have our issues like everyone else, there appear to be some parts of me that she could do without. But I can only be me, the me she fell in love with. And even now that she's turning into bridezilla, yes I'm going to be the dog house for calling her bridezilla, I can only still love her, in hopes that once this whole wedding thing is over with I'll get my Melissa back. So Melissa thanks for being there for me, and loving me. I look forward to starting a new chapter of our lives together starting September 11th 2010. May our love only grow as we age.

I Love you with all my heart, my boo-boo kitty f**k,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh and Four

Ladies and gents it is with a heavy heart that I report that my company’s basketball team is now 0 and 4. Last night was a very thrilling defeat as we lost by 1 point. I played my standard 2 to 3 minutes, not long enough to even break a sweat, especially since I’m not much of a sweater anyway, Ask Melissa it seems to bother her that I never sweat. On the positive, I can honestly say that I have the highest RPM, Rebounds Per Minute, of anyone on the team. I have come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to be passed the ball on offense so the only way I will get any points is off of an offensive rebound. Sadly all of my rebounds last night were defensive. I did manage to fool a teammate into throwing me the ball on the offensive side of the court, which I quickly turned into a missed 3 pointer. This makes my second game in a row scoring 0 points and my total points for the year in 4 games to 5. I average 1.25 points a game. Alright, so for the game summaries, Friday night’s game was lost by 2 points, we had the ball with a chance to win or tie with our final shot. 10 seconds to go in the game, we inbound, pass the ball around until it makes it to the player that said he’s not going to take the final shot because he knows as soon as he gets the ball they are going to double or triple team him. Apparently he has a short memory because he gets the ball and instead of kicking it back out to a spot up shooter like was discussed in the time out, he puts the ball on the floor and drives to the hoop, through a triple team. Props to the guy because he did get to the hoop and had a great look at a shot to tie the game, but alas the ball just couldn’t find the net.
Flash forward to last nights game. We are down 10 with a minute to go, we go to the age old college and high school strategy of fouling the worst shooter as soon as he touches the ball, and it is paying off. 15 seconds left in the game and we are now down by 4. A great defensive steal, a pass to a not so open man in the corner who throws up the worlds ugliest no look shot I’ve ever seen, it was so horrible I can’t even call it throwing up a prayer. Apparently this guy is in good with God though because the shot went in. We quickly call a time, or so we thought… The ref wouldn’t grant us the timeout and time expired without the other team having to inbound the ball. Thus we are now 0 and 4, and I haven’t run enough to be in any better shape that when I started out. I guess I’m just going to have to can my idea of using basketball to get into some sort of shape and just start running. *sigh*

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend update

I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the Super Bowl, my Colts lost, Melissa’s “Saint’s” won. It was a good game that was much closer than the score board showed. But that is just a small part of the weekend from the Smith House. *start reading dramatically now* Friday was to be a cleaning day, we wanted to do some things in the yard, but the never ending rain kept us in the house. We started cleaning and then my phone rang, a friend needed my truck to bring home his 52 in TV. I hate to tell a friend no, so I headed out to Sam’s to pick up his TV. He thought he could get it in his car, but it was a no go situation with the ginormus TV. Due to the nasty weather I suggested we fold my seats up and see if we can squeeze it into the back seat of my truck. It was a tight fit, but once the juices were flowing we slid it right in, that's what she said. Dropped him off with his monster TV and headed back to the house to pick up Melissa because we needed to run errands. Ran our errands with no incidents and ended up on the couch to watch some movies. We watched “Nights in Rodnanthe”, Melissa’s choice. Soon as the movie started I remembered watching this movie. I guess I watched it on a flight or something because Melissa had never seen it. It was a chick flick, just like chicks dig. What I took away from this movie, Diane Lane has a nice butt for an older lady, just like dudes dig. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Rome GA to meet my parents and show them around some of the points of interest for our wedding. We showed them a church, a place we like to eat, and the outside of a country club. That didn’t take too long so we watched another movie on the couch Saturday night, after returning home of course. First we watched “Yes Man”, then I watched “Watchmen” since Melissa Fell asleep. Yes man was “alright, man” and I’d put Watchmen with the “Don’t watch, man” list unless you have a lot of time to kill and don’t mind the best scenes being shot in poor lighting. Sunday was a nice day weather wise, so we got to do our yard work, then we watched the super Bowl followed by Undercover Boss. What was everyone’s thoughts on the commercials? I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. Favorite one was probably the little boy and the Doritos, “two things, don’t touch my momma, and don’t touch my Doritos”. The first E*Trade was funny too, “Milk-a-what?” *End dramatic reading*

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday Night Hoops

Since I don’t believe anyone is really reading my biggest loser post I’m not going to post an update on that unless everyone just wants me too. So I’ll cut straight to the highlights, or the lowlights, of the basketball game last night. During warm ups I started to get a bad feeling that things weren’t going to go to good. We had about 2 minutes to go before the game started and we only had 3 players. Luckily we had a fourth show up so I knew they’d let us play with 4, but I wasn’t all that excited about it. Then in the nick of time we had our 5th player show up. So now I know I have to last the entire game, on the plus side, we got our new jerseys in before the game. The only bit of running I’ve done lately, since last Springs softball league and let’s face it, not much running in softball, is the few minutes that I played in last week’s game. This should be good! We start out doing great, jump to an early lead, playing great defense, I’m doing my best Dennis Rodman impersonation, but then we apparently figured out that we’d been running for a while and got tired. Our lead went away and we had to call a time out to get our breath. Shortly after the time out my legs gave completely out. I couldn’t jump, which lead to one of my two shots taken in the first half being blocked back to the stone age and my second shot coming up short. Thank God for Half time! During half time I drank water, stretched my calves, and sat my tired white butt on the bench. When the second half started we came out like the Michael Jordan led Bulls, we couldn’t do any wrong! Got our lead back and was shutting down our opponent with our mad defensive skills. My Dennis Rodman impersonation got me my first two points when I grabbed a rebound and quickly put it back in. I scored my final points a few minutes later when I nailed a long three from the corner, if you’re keeping track that’s a total of 5 points. Things are looking good! THEN… we got tired again. We were calling time outs to catch our breath, and my calves were locking up again. My calves were shooting pains through my legs as they cramped and screamed for me to stop for the love of all things holy. Again without my legs, my defense started to suffer, my rebounding skills disappeared, and our lead was not only gone, it had been destroyed. The last two minutes of the game ended with me standing under the opponent’s basket waiting for them to either hit their 3 point shot, or finish some spectacular dunk. I would gather the ball after it went through the net with great force and inbound the it to my closes teammate who would in turn pass to the person nearest to them until, if we were lucky, we’d get the ball across midcourt where we would shoot a half hearted shot hoping that our prayers would be answered, thus ending the game and our pain. When the buzzer finally… buzzed?? We shook our opponent’s hands and hobbled ourselves, along with our pride, back to our cars. I thought basketball would help me relive my glory days, but it only takes the glory out of the days that follow each game since I’m unable to walk without pain.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Movie quote hints

Since no one has been able to guess my movie quotes, I guess it's time for some hints.For the first quote, "Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!"  The movie is based off of a John Grisham Novel, Below is video hint, hope this helps.

Chappelle's Show
Samuel L. Jackson Beer
Buy Chappelle's Show DVDsBlack ComedyTrue Hollywood Story

For the second quote, one of the costars was the WE-easel, and "Rudy".

Monday, February 1, 2010

About the Author

Since some of my readers, all three of you, have never met me and have no idea who I am I figured I’d inform everyone of some of my stranger behaviors that people point out to me.  How else can you truly know someone if you don’t know what’s strange about them?

1.)    I’m slightly OCD.  My OCD has to do with numbers, positioning of items, folding things and making things equal distances.  I will go into a store and balance all of the shirts hanging on a rack out, making all the hangers equal distance apart from each other, or if it’s a rack that is angled with the blocks separating the clothes I will make sure that no one block has more hangers on it than another, I prefer one hanger per block, or hone hanger per every other block. I like to align labels so that all labels are facing out, and I will organize the little boxes of random crap at the register by color, or make sure that they are all right side up with the label facing out.  Shirts and towels have to be folded a certain way or I will undo them and fold them back correctly.  When I use a straw, I HAVE to fold the straw paper.  I have a very hard time just wading it up and putting it down.  (The only time I found that I am able to not fold a straw wrapper is one it’s a plastic subway wrapper, or when I’m driving since I found that to be too dangerous once.)  I prefer odd numbers because there is a true center point to the numbers.  I have been able to break myself of some of my OCD, the ones that I have broken and am proud to say I have broken are: I no longer have to sort my food, or make sure that my food is not touch each other.  I also no longer have to eat one item at a time before moving to the next item of food.  (I still can not drink while I eat though.  Haven’t been able to break that one.  One sip while I’m eating and my meal is done, I can’t take another bite.)

2.)    Melissa thinks I have turrets, I do have random outburst of songs and sayings, but I don’t think that’s turrets.  What I think my turrets symptoms are would be uncontrollable ticks.  Flexing the muscles in my neck, scrunching my nose, and blinking my eyes closed very hard.  I try to stop doing these things, but am unable.  I used to think that it was a habit that I could break, but now I’m not so sure.

3.)    I’m completely normal.  That’s right, I don’t think there is a single thing wrong with me, except that I lie, that’s right everything I say is a lie, except that, and that, and that, and that…  You see where I’m going with this?

4.) Certain textures freak me out and I cannot touch them.  Example, the ribbed pictures that look different if you look at them from the left than they do from the right.  I CANNOT touch that ribbed hard plastic.  We have 4 Auburn cups that are made like that and I can not drink out of them, and I hate to wash them. 

5.) I hate to eat soft foods, like a brownie, that has something hard in it, like nuts or sprinkles. 

Ok, I've probably weirded everyone out enough for one post, hope I haven't run anyone off.  I need for people to like me and read my blog!  Please like me.  hahahahaha