Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday Night Hoops

Since I don’t believe anyone is really reading my biggest loser post I’m not going to post an update on that unless everyone just wants me too. So I’ll cut straight to the highlights, or the lowlights, of the basketball game last night. During warm ups I started to get a bad feeling that things weren’t going to go to good. We had about 2 minutes to go before the game started and we only had 3 players. Luckily we had a fourth show up so I knew they’d let us play with 4, but I wasn’t all that excited about it. Then in the nick of time we had our 5th player show up. So now I know I have to last the entire game, on the plus side, we got our new jerseys in before the game. The only bit of running I’ve done lately, since last Springs softball league and let’s face it, not much running in softball, is the few minutes that I played in last week’s game. This should be good! We start out doing great, jump to an early lead, playing great defense, I’m doing my best Dennis Rodman impersonation, but then we apparently figured out that we’d been running for a while and got tired. Our lead went away and we had to call a time out to get our breath. Shortly after the time out my legs gave completely out. I couldn’t jump, which lead to one of my two shots taken in the first half being blocked back to the stone age and my second shot coming up short. Thank God for Half time! During half time I drank water, stretched my calves, and sat my tired white butt on the bench. When the second half started we came out like the Michael Jordan led Bulls, we couldn’t do any wrong! Got our lead back and was shutting down our opponent with our mad defensive skills. My Dennis Rodman impersonation got me my first two points when I grabbed a rebound and quickly put it back in. I scored my final points a few minutes later when I nailed a long three from the corner, if you’re keeping track that’s a total of 5 points. Things are looking good! THEN… we got tired again. We were calling time outs to catch our breath, and my calves were locking up again. My calves were shooting pains through my legs as they cramped and screamed for me to stop for the love of all things holy. Again without my legs, my defense started to suffer, my rebounding skills disappeared, and our lead was not only gone, it had been destroyed. The last two minutes of the game ended with me standing under the opponent’s basket waiting for them to either hit their 3 point shot, or finish some spectacular dunk. I would gather the ball after it went through the net with great force and inbound the it to my closes teammate who would in turn pass to the person nearest to them until, if we were lucky, we’d get the ball across midcourt where we would shoot a half hearted shot hoping that our prayers would be answered, thus ending the game and our pain. When the buzzer finally… buzzed?? We shook our opponent’s hands and hobbled ourselves, along with our pride, back to our cars. I thought basketball would help me relive my glory days, but it only takes the glory out of the days that follow each game since I’m unable to walk without pain.

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