Monday, February 1, 2010

About the Author

Since some of my readers, all three of you, have never met me and have no idea who I am I figured I’d inform everyone of some of my stranger behaviors that people point out to me.  How else can you truly know someone if you don’t know what’s strange about them?

1.)    I’m slightly OCD.  My OCD has to do with numbers, positioning of items, folding things and making things equal distances.  I will go into a store and balance all of the shirts hanging on a rack out, making all the hangers equal distance apart from each other, or if it’s a rack that is angled with the blocks separating the clothes I will make sure that no one block has more hangers on it than another, I prefer one hanger per block, or hone hanger per every other block. I like to align labels so that all labels are facing out, and I will organize the little boxes of random crap at the register by color, or make sure that they are all right side up with the label facing out.  Shirts and towels have to be folded a certain way or I will undo them and fold them back correctly.  When I use a straw, I HAVE to fold the straw paper.  I have a very hard time just wading it up and putting it down.  (The only time I found that I am able to not fold a straw wrapper is one it’s a plastic subway wrapper, or when I’m driving since I found that to be too dangerous once.)  I prefer odd numbers because there is a true center point to the numbers.  I have been able to break myself of some of my OCD, the ones that I have broken and am proud to say I have broken are: I no longer have to sort my food, or make sure that my food is not touch each other.  I also no longer have to eat one item at a time before moving to the next item of food.  (I still can not drink while I eat though.  Haven’t been able to break that one.  One sip while I’m eating and my meal is done, I can’t take another bite.)

2.)    Melissa thinks I have turrets, I do have random outburst of songs and sayings, but I don’t think that’s turrets.  What I think my turrets symptoms are would be uncontrollable ticks.  Flexing the muscles in my neck, scrunching my nose, and blinking my eyes closed very hard.  I try to stop doing these things, but am unable.  I used to think that it was a habit that I could break, but now I’m not so sure.

3.)    I’m completely normal.  That’s right, I don’t think there is a single thing wrong with me, except that I lie, that’s right everything I say is a lie, except that, and that, and that, and that…  You see where I’m going with this?

4.) Certain textures freak me out and I cannot touch them.  Example, the ribbed pictures that look different if you look at them from the left than they do from the right.  I CANNOT touch that ribbed hard plastic.  We have 4 Auburn cups that are made like that and I can not drink out of them, and I hate to wash them. 

5.) I hate to eat soft foods, like a brownie, that has something hard in it, like nuts or sprinkles. 

Ok, I've probably weirded everyone out enough for one post, hope I haven't run anyone off.  I need for people to like me and read my blog!  Please like me.  hahahahaha


  1. Holy shit, that is some funny info Cas! We are more alike than you know my friend. I am very OCD but prefer even numbers. PS-I need a quote for Sunday-doing it a little late-help a lady out. :D

  2. You should come visit. We always have sprinkled cupcakes and walnut brownies lying around. And we drink our milk in ribbed coffee cups. Don't worry, though, you can have a straw with a real wrapper on it. hahaha!