Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend update

I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the Super Bowl, my Colts lost, Melissa’s “Saint’s” won. It was a good game that was much closer than the score board showed. But that is just a small part of the weekend from the Smith House. *start reading dramatically now* Friday was to be a cleaning day, we wanted to do some things in the yard, but the never ending rain kept us in the house. We started cleaning and then my phone rang, a friend needed my truck to bring home his 52 in TV. I hate to tell a friend no, so I headed out to Sam’s to pick up his TV. He thought he could get it in his car, but it was a no go situation with the ginormus TV. Due to the nasty weather I suggested we fold my seats up and see if we can squeeze it into the back seat of my truck. It was a tight fit, but once the juices were flowing we slid it right in, that's what she said. Dropped him off with his monster TV and headed back to the house to pick up Melissa because we needed to run errands. Ran our errands with no incidents and ended up on the couch to watch some movies. We watched “Nights in Rodnanthe”, Melissa’s choice. Soon as the movie started I remembered watching this movie. I guess I watched it on a flight or something because Melissa had never seen it. It was a chick flick, just like chicks dig. What I took away from this movie, Diane Lane has a nice butt for an older lady, just like dudes dig. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Rome GA to meet my parents and show them around some of the points of interest for our wedding. We showed them a church, a place we like to eat, and the outside of a country club. That didn’t take too long so we watched another movie on the couch Saturday night, after returning home of course. First we watched “Yes Man”, then I watched “Watchmen” since Melissa Fell asleep. Yes man was “alright, man” and I’d put Watchmen with the “Don’t watch, man” list unless you have a lot of time to kill and don’t mind the best scenes being shot in poor lighting. Sunday was a nice day weather wise, so we got to do our yard work, then we watched the super Bowl followed by Undercover Boss. What was everyone’s thoughts on the commercials? I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. Favorite one was probably the little boy and the Doritos, “two things, don’t touch my momma, and don’t touch my Doritos”. The first E*Trade was funny too, “Milk-a-what?” *End dramatic reading*

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  1. SOunds like fun, glad you had a good time. It sounds like you guys watched some interesting movies...:D