Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two more to go

That's right, only two more regular season games to go before the playoffs start. I'm proud to say that we won our game Friday night, but then lost tonight. We simply gave out of gas this evening and couldn't run with a team that had 8 subs sitting on the bench. We had 6 players show up tonight so I knew I'd get some playing time, especially when one of our players pulled his hamstring. Now, FYI, I'm in no shape to really be playing basketball so leaving me in for long periods of time really hurts the team more than I can do good. I try to save myself for defense and grab every rebound that comes off the rim, but my legs just gave out way too early tonight. Try as hard as I could I just couldn't get off the ground. One good thing about me being so lazy is that it leaves me standing around the 3 point line with nothing to do on offense. Tonight I was forced to do something so I fogged up some 3 pointers when another teammate was in trouble and had no one else to pass the ball to. Wouldn't you just know it, I still have a little bit of a shot in me, and I nailed both of the 3's I shot. Layups... Well that's a different story. I missed about 5 or 6 layups, or shots that were within 10 feet of the goal. I did put the ball on the floor and drive hard to the rim, but my poor tired legs left me standing on the ground which in-turn led to my shot getting pinned up against the back wall of the gym. So my stats for the night are about 6 rebounds, 6 points on 2 for 2 threes, two blocked shots, one blocked on offense and then I blocked one on defense, and I maybe had 1 assist, but I'm not positive about that. We have a make up game tomorrow night since the Friday before last's got snowed out, then our final game is Friday. Single elimination playoffs start Monday March 1st, so our season ends Monday March 1st. It was good times, great oldies out there, and by oldies I mean me.

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