Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Extreme Weekend Update

To keep everyone abreast, I said breast giggity, with the goings on in the world of Cas, we lost our last regular season game pretty soundly. The first half of the game went by with us only being down by two points. We have a Shaq type player on our team that no other team can match up with. Basically all we have to do to win is get our Shaq into the low post and feed him the ball until they start to double and triple team him. When they do that we send one guy to cut through the lane, and spot up a shooter for a kick out pass. This play works like a charm through the entire first half. It doesn’t even matter that they have 15 players to our 5. Second half rolls around and everyone is feeling good, we all know that we’re going to keep riding our Shaq and hopefully get a few stops to put us in the lead. Well, everyone knows this but our Shaq. You see Shaq decided he wants to run point for the second half and shoot threes. So, yeah, that was pretty much the rest of the game. We’ll fog up a bad shot, they’ll rebound and run with their fresh legs.
Saturday, Melissa and I had plans to go to a friend’s birthday part in Atlanta at Dave and Busters. Melissa had been helping Extreme Make Over Home Edition most of the week, and the big reveal was Saturday. She was begged to come back and help on the Saturday so she did. They even gave her 4 VIP passes to give to friends to watch the family come home and yell “move that bus”. Melissa and I pride ourselves on being stand up people, and if we say we’re going to do something then by God we’re going to do it. I say this because just the weekend before we stood in Wal-Mart telling our friend that we were going to be at Dave and Busters for the birthday and we hate when people say they’re going to do something and then back out. Flash back to Saturday, Melissa has these four passes for this amazing once in a lifetime event, but we’ve already promised a friend that we would be at a birthday party. What should we do? Melissa knows how badly they need her help at Extreme, and so I told her to go and help them because it is an important thing she’s doing and we’re always down to help. But I decided to not take my VIP pass and to go on to Atlanta since we had already confirmed that we would be at the party.
The party was a ball, I don’t know if anyone knows about this, but at Dave and Busters you can hold a party there and they will give you your own room, a buffet, game cards, and send you out on a scavenger hunt. We were broken up into teams and sent out to the gaming floor to scavenge for our booty, yar. Only down side to this, this Dave and Busters is PACKED! You have an hour to complete your list, which is only 6 pages log of easy to complete task. Easy IF, you were able to walk through the building. After fighting through the crowd for about 45 minutes of the hour we called it quits and went back to the room to rest. We were pretty sure we weren’t going to win, but it was a good time none the less.
After the party I embark on my journey back home. Had Melissa been with me we might have stayed the night, Susannah, would you have a room to rent? Haha, j/k. But since it was just me I left the party a little early and headed back to Alabama. All was going well, it was late so traffic wasn’t all that heavy, until I made it close to the Varsity’s exit. All traffic comes to a grinding halt. Police cars have all 6 lanes blocked, and the exit ramp is also blocked so no one is going anywhere on 75/85. Ok, I’m in Atlanta, traffic is stopped, this is to be expected. What I didn’t expected was the four fire trucks to come rolling by me, two of which were the big ladder trucks. Now I’m intrigued as to what in the world could be going on? So I start flip stations on the FM dial, all stations are playing some prerecorded countdown or interview, no help to me. Swap to AM, finally after listening to WSB750 for a minute someone cuts in to announce that we have a jumper on the bridge right in front of me. This explains the ladder trucks and why the entire interstate is stopped heading south. After sitting with my truck in park, playing on facebook on my iPhone traffic starts to move again. The man has been talked down off the ledge and life goes on, for him and everyone else.
Sunday I was pretty much sick all day so I slept about 18 hours. I got up, got dressed, made Melissa and I waffles, which I thought tasted like crap, Melissa said they were good and tasted like a waffle. I guess my taste buds were off because I was sick. After fighting for about 2 hours I went and laid back down for what I thought would be a short nap, flash forward six hours, I awake.

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  1. OK, I didn't understand one word of that basketball talk you were spouting! That was so cool about Melissa doing Extreme Home Makeover-and you could've come over to spend the night! :D Dave and Buster's rules-Jason has work parties there a lot!