Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eat more Chicken

The gauntlet has been laid down for one of the world’s greatest accomplishments.  Coming this May, the Lawn Dart Champion of 1962, but most of you know him as the lead singer of Falcon 550, the one and only Mr.  Adam “Dubba” Landreth, will go for the Ultimate Chic-fil-a Triple play.  The Chic-fil-a triple play in its self is a great accomplishment, until Adam raised the bar by completing the triple play at three different restaurants.  But now!  Oh, I don’t know if you’re ready for this, Wait for it…  The three state Chic-fil-a Triple play.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, 3 different states, 3 different Chic-fil-a's, 3 different meals!  Can this feat be accomplished?  When asked for a comment on this amazing feat Adam pondered the question and replied, “yes”, followed by “I can eat Chic-fil-a in three different states.”  When asked what he planned to eat for his 3 different meals, he deliberated and responded with “Chicken”.  Insightful!  Such a bold promise by such a young, and might I add handsome, man.    I’m sure everyone is wondering how such an impossible feat can be accomplished, I mean let’s face it not all states for Chic-fil-a, and of those states the Chic-fil-a’s may not be close to each other.  I’m not sure if any of you have looked at a globe, but a State is kind of a big thing.  Not in the Ron Burgundy sense, but in a more literal land mass sense.  (I said mass)    However, due to the recent invention of a contraption called an aero-plane, Adam will make his journey across the country allowing him to partake in “Chicken” in 3 different states.  The three lucky states you ask?  Alabama, Georgia, and Colorado.  Adam assures me that he has begun his training and will be ready for his date with Destiny, he ask that you please keep this a secret as his wife has no idea he’s seeing a stripper on the side.  In the immortal words of Dale Doback, “Boats and hoes”

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  1. hahaha LOVE Chick-fil-a!! I could eat it for every meal everyday and not get sick of it! Go for the gold Adam!! haha