Friday, March 26, 2010

Fake Mustachio Day

My Thursday Randomness post brought back some good memories.  I can’t help but laugh every time I see the picture of us in our Western wear and fake mustaches.  I figured I might as well give everyone the story of how the infamous Fake Mustachio Day came to be. 
It was during a time in my professional life, note professional is used VERY loosely here, when moral in the company was very low.  The year was 2004 also known as Company Survivor season II, a group of my fellow co-workers and myself decided to take the task of boosting the moral in the work place for the remaining employees.  We created a committee, because being the good Southern Baptist that we were we knew a committee needed to be formed to accomplish any task.  So thus the *company name* Committee on Work Fun was created. (Left out the name of my company so I’m still very thankfully employed by this company)  Our first task, create very wordy emails exaggerating the most simple of task.  Moral of at least 4 employees was boosted by said emails.  Next order of business, find ways to bring enjoyment to the entire building.  But how could we do this and not get in trouble?  Theme days, that’s how!  So we rolled our underground theme day of Yellow shirt Friday into Hawaiian Shirt Friday.  Fliers were created and posted around the building encouraging everyone to wear flowered shirts to work every Friday.   Huge success, moral was boasted during the summer months.  Just when things are rolling along as they should, bang!  Cold weather hits.  Even though we liked the idea of wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the freezing cold, we just knew it wasn’t practical.  A new theme is needed, but what?  Western Wear Friday, what else?  We all rushed to our local Western wear provider, Perlis Truck Stop, and scoped up the clearance shirts, and bolo ties.  We decided to keep this mission a secret so everyone would be surprised.  Right before D-Day of Western wear Friday, a fellow co-founder decided we still needed to step it up, so he suggested it was time to wear fake mustaches to work.  A quick dash to our local, or not so local in this case, Party City and it was on.  D-Day, we all sneak in wearing our ridiculous clothes, we meet in the office picture was taken in, apply the mustachios, and stroll through the entire building two by two shoulder to shoulder, Armageddon style.

Now, if any of you have ever worked for a company that up holds a VERY strict dress code you know how brave and impressive of a feat this was.   We honestly had no idea the impression our dress would have of the work force.  I’d just like to thank Big and Rich for releasing “save a horse, ride a cowboy” because that became the theme song being sang to us as we walked through the building.  No lie, girls were signing that to us as we walked, nay, glided by.  Oh the fun we had, until we realized how itchy a fake mustache is, and then realized that the glue is only good for about two hours.  But really who wants glue on their face that last for much longer than that, just doesn’t seem safe. 
I’m not trying to brag, but several people compared me to the devilishly handsome Burt Reynolds.  What do you think?

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  1. I can see a resemblance... But I also think maybe if Burt Reynolds and Tom Hanks had a love child, you in that picture would be said love child haha :)