Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Thursday

Wow, I’m so sorry about the lack of post lately.  I know all three of my readers have been wondering where I’ve been.  Well let me give you a very detailed description of my life lately.  Wake up, work, home, sleep, wake up, work, home, sleep, wake up, work, home, sleep.  Rinse lather repeat much?  Things have just been crazy busy.  I don’t even have the wits about me to witty right now.  So since I have to jump right back into work I figured I wouldn’t let everyone go empty handed.  Here are some of the most random pictures I could find.  Enjoy.


  1. Love the pics - especially the last one. Hahaha!

  2. Yes, what the hell Cas, you have been in absentia for too long! We need some witty posting. And I need about a month's worth of quotes-keep it on the clean side please! :D Have y'all been doing stuff?? MElissa hasn't posted either. I go through spurts of posting and then times when I can't get it together to even write my name. Glad you are back, even if you're random............ :D

  3. I think you should grow your hair out again! LOL and yea, that last one... SO FUNNY!!! hahhaha :P