Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

With the weather as nice as it, I've been out walking Mags and viewing the yard.  Seeing everything it gave me a few ideas for new projects, and I decided to take some pictures of some of the older projects that we've completed.  First is one of the things I saw today and decided to under take.  I decided to keep the trunk of our Christmas tree this year and use it in the yard.  I like the rustic look of a trunk that's had all the limbs cut off it.  Melissa and I have had this Auburn Bird house laying around for at least a year so I decided I'd mount it to the stump.  I did this awhile ago, so that's not the new part.  With all the storms we've been having our bottle tree got blown over and it broke the tree.  So I got the idea to take the bottles from the broken bottle tree and put them under the bird house on the old Christmas tree trunk.  I like the way it turned out.  I guess Melissa and I need to drink some more wine so I can finish the rest of the tree.  If anyone has any Blue wine bottles that you can part with please let us know.  Our single blue bottle broke when the tree fell.  I'm very heart broken over this because Blue is my favorite color.

Next is a project I did last spring.  Melissa got a steal on some crepe myrtle's so we planted them next to the drive way.  Then Home Depot had a big sale on landscape timbers so we bought 30 or so of them, didn't really have any ideas for them, just thought we'd find something to do with them.  The first thing I did find was to make these little boxes to frame our discount crepe myrtle's.  Nothing hard or special, just a project checked off the list. 
Sorry for the bad picture, Melissa has the camera so I took all of these with my iPhone.

at the end of the planting season last year K-Mart had a huge sale on all their trees.  We wanted some kind of flowering tree for the front of our house so we scooped up these three Bradford Pears.
The outside project that I have going right now is a big planter box using the rest of my landscape timbers.  Unfortunately 30 just wasn't enough to help level out my land and make the box look good.  So we're hoping they go back on sale some time soon, if not we'll have to pay full price to finish out this box.  Since I can't finish it with what I have I've just crudely laid the remaining timbers out so you can get an idea of what it'll look like.  None of the top layer is fastened, and the very front of the box is just laying on the ground.  I have one more level to put down to get it to it's finished height, then I'm going to have to get some fill dirt to fill in the box.  I have some big mounds of topsoil in the back that were left from when they built the house so I hope to use all of that off first.  In this box we have three more Melissa Super Sale finds that were being clearanced.  I believe she paid 5 dollars each for these large crepe myrtle's, they were even larger, but they had to cut the tops off of them to get them in her Jeep.  We also plan to fill in between them with some small shrubs and bulbs.  I'm thinking of moving two of our Forsythia's in between the myrtle's, but I haven't gotten clearance for that yet.
And finally is a finished project inside the house.  We picked up some bookshelves when they went on sale at Tarjay, notice a trend with us?  We put them together, moved my old TV stand in between them, hung my Thomas Kinkade, also bought on sale, signed and professionally highlighted by an artist trained by Thomas himself, in between the bookshelves.  (sorry for the computer on the desk, I'm on call and have been working all weekend.  This is just my on call setup, I'll take everything down when I return back to work.)
And since it's such a nice day I have the windows open and the ceiling fans going.  To my right are my "co-workers" for this weekend.


  1. Wow, love it all! You and Mel are certainly domestic! I wish hubby could do things like landscaping and such-or I guess I should say WOULD do it.....

  2. Yea... rub it in with the nice weather... We got LOTS of snow this weekend :( On the first day of Spring no less! Hopefully this was the last of the wintery weather and onto beautiful blue skies and no more coats! lol Enjoy your weather!