Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Need some help...

Little bit of back ground here.  Melissa and I are planning to honeymoon in Key West so I've been looking around for things to do.  I've been to the keys before and I remember there not being too much to do on the island.  Have any of you guys been to the keys?  I think Melissa wants to just sit by the pool or on a beach and chill, but I'm afraid I will bore of this and want something else to do. What fun things are there to do?  I know I want to snorkel, so I've been looking at that.  But when you google what to do in Key West it pretty much says snorkel, scuba, or take a ride on a boat.  Keep in mind this will be in September so I might be going a little stir crazy over being away from my TV during college football season.

The most I remember about Key West from my trip down there in the late 90's was that the beaches are crushed coral, and I bought a T-shirt that had a pretty profane saying on it.  Oh, and we got spanked at some beach volleyball by some locals.  (Diving on a crushed coral beach HURTS! especially when you get in the water afterwards.)

I map quested the drive today, I must say I'm not looking forward to it!  744 miles, 13 hours.  Thank God for cruise control!  I'm no stranger to a long drive though, so Key West, here we come!  Might turn out to be Griswald Honeymoon!


  1. Honeymoons are for chilling out and getting away from all the people that have been getting on your nerves during the wedding......and just being together! I have been going non stop on this wedding and as soon as it is over all I want to do is chill. Oh and turn our phones off too so no one can find us! I don't have to be entertained every second of our trip. I want to just be and come and go as I please and not have the whole thing pinpointed to the minute with places to be! :) Trust me there is plenty to do in the time that we will be there. My biggest concern is where is the best Key Lime pie and drinks! :) :)

  2. Yo-I agree with Melissa. We just put DOWN on some food and key lime ice cream. Also, we boozed a lot and read, layed out, Jason watched TV. It was very chill.