Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Randoms...

I haven't been all that happy with the quality or quantity of my blogs lately.  I'm beginning to think that I'm a horrible story teller.  Or maybe my memory is degrading the content of my stories?  I'm normally a funny guy, but my blogs here lately haven't been humorous at all.  I'm going to work on this though.  I want everyone to enjoy reading my blogs.

On another serious note.  I'm not sure how many of you guys watch Deadliest catch on Discovery channel, but these last few shows have been tough to watch.  They have been dealing with one of the most popular captains passing.  Discovery channel has done such a great job of covering this.  It has been handled with so much class.  Thank you Discovery for taking this incredibly touch situation and showing it in such a tasteful way.

Melissa and I have two showers down, two more to go, unless anyone else wants to throw us one!  So far we've done pretty good on the goods.  Registering for all our gifts was exciting, but stressful.  After looking at everything we put on the list we started to fill selfish.  Does anyone really need all the stuff we put on this list?  Oh well, getting gifts is FUN!  It's like a Christmas every weekend here at the soon to be Smith House.

Now we're getting ready for the honeymoon.  We know what we want to do, now we're just buttoning down the details.  Thanks to Susannah we've picked us a place to crash in Key west for a few days.  Then we're going to board a boat in Miami for a little cruise.  I <3 to cruse.  It's so nice to not have to worry about anything.  I so love being on the water, and being stress free.  No phones, no access to the internet, no work emails.  I think my job will be on a cruise ship.

Speaking of next jobs, I've decided that with my love of history when I retire I'm going to get me a job as a tour guide at some historical place.  I think I would really enjoy sharing my love of history and knowledge of history with strangers.  My only problem is that I'm pretty shy.  Melissa is the spokesperson for our family.  A lady at church told us the other day that our marriage will last because I'm quite and I let Melissa do all the talking.  Hopefully she's right.

I'm on a huge pizza kick right now.  I just can't get enough pizza.  It doesn't matter what brand of pizza it is.  It can be from a chain for a frozen pizza we warmed up ourselves.

FYI, it's kind of hot outside.  Good thing I handle the heat well. Bad thing, our A/C never seems to stop running, I fear what our power bill is going to look like.  I'm sure Alabama Power is loving it though.

If you spray carpet cleaner, make sure you have carpet brush in hand after spraying because a cat will lick the carpet cleaner, and carpet clean will said cat puke, a lot.  I stepped in some dooty in the yard the other night and didn't know.  When I noticed it I started trying to remember everywhere that I had walked so I could clean carpet.  I sprayed the foaming carpet cleaner on some of the spots that I knew had I walked on and then walked off to find the carpet scrubbing brush.  As I'm in the cabinet with all the cleaning supplies I hear a God awful screaming moan come from a cat.  Then I hear Melissa saying, "Possum licked the carpet cleaner and he's throwing up."  I guess it was good thing that I already had the carpet cleaner out because I was about to really need it.  Possum is fine now and back to his normal crazy self, we were really worried about him that night though.

I noticed this post was kind of long, it's Sunday and I'm lazy so I'm not proofreading.  If there are any typo's or miss spelled letters you're just going to have to deal with it. 


  1. Ha! Yay for the hotel rec!!! Hope y'all have a blast! I hope you are having a fun summer with all the showers and such. Try to relax and enjoy everything! And, I am cracking up at Melissa yelling out about the cat puking-that sounds like me!

  2. Well, listen to Susannah about the hotel - they should know! Just try to enjoy the showers (and all the FREE stuff) - it will be over soon!! As for pizzas, check the internet and see if you have a Papa Murphy's. You choose the pizza, they fix it, and you cook it at home. IT IS THE BOMB.COM!! I promise, we haven't a better pizza and the prices are super! Check it out!! Hugs to y'all!