Monday, August 2, 2010

And boom goes the dynamite...

A little update from the Soon to be Smith household.  Friday we went for my Grooms fitting to make sure we like the tux and we have all the right measurements.  If you’ll remember I was complaining that they measured my waist as a 41, I pitched a fit and so they ordered me a 36.  Well guess what…  My pants came in and they did not fit…  They didn’t fit because they were too big!  Take that measuring tape, in the face, in the face!  My order has been changed to the rightful 34/34.  My coat also needed to be altered.  Apparently I have freakishly long arms, so they’re having to add an inch to my 44 long coat.
Saturday we were thrown a couples shower from some friends.  It was a great time and I’m so thankful for all the friends that showed up to show us support.  We got even more goodies, people even brought me tools!  The venue was amazing, it was a barn at an old plantation house, which, FYI I LOVE old plantation style homes.  The house was turned into a bed and breakfast, but they shut that down about 3 years ago and only hold events there now.  The house was opened so we got to go in and walk around.  I so want to live in one of those when I grow up.
Sunday was a day of rest, as the Good Lord intended.  We were both just so tired from everything, me from celebrating my tux pants being a size 34, and Melissa from, well I don’t know I was too busy celebrating to notice what anyone else was doing.  We turned on the TV and curled up in the bed with the pets and napped.  The only down side to our great nap was that I missed the rain.  That’s right, it finally rained at the house.  I don’t know how much or how long (That’s what she said) but life giving water, the nectar of the God’s, blessed our poor parched earth.  Now if we can get a few more days of rain I’ll cut the grass without fear of killing it.

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  1. Ha! Congrats on the pants size dude, that rocks!