Thursday, August 12, 2010

Answers to Susannah's Quetions

Well, I left the blog out there for a little while in hopes of getting more questions to answer, but alas, there were none.  To me this could mean a few things, 1.) No one really cares so why waste time asking questions they don’t want to know the answers too, 2.) I’ve told you everything you ever wanted to know about me in my blog post, or 3.) everyone that reads my blog has already known me for a long time so they pretty much know what the answers are going to be.  That being said, Susannah and I have never met, I found her through Melissa asking me for the answers to Sunday’s Sayings so I started stalking her blog through Melissa’s blog.  She has known Melissa for a quite some time, and they reconnected through blogger, so yay blogger.  Speaking of which, Melissa has shown me some old photos of yous guys at a birthday party years ago.  I might just have to scan it and post it for everyone to enjoy.  ;)  Now, on to the Q&A.

1. Where did you grow up?  I grew up all over Middle GA.  I’m a PK, preacher’s kid, so my father moved us around quite often.  When I was born my family was living in McIntyre GA, then we moved to Meansville, GA, from there to Macon GA, from Macon to Atlanta, and from Atlanta to Beulah Alabama.  If anyone else asks me though I always say I grew up in Atlanta. 
2. Where did you go to college?  I started my long college career at Southern Union State Community College, after 7 years of Southern Union I took my 92 useless credit hours and successfully dropped out of college.  This is probably my biggest regret, but when I ran out of money after having to take the same classes over and over again at SUSCC, I decided it was time for me to just give up and go on.  Keep in mind, I wasn’t retaking the classes because I was failing them, I was retaking them because they kept telling me the class I took was no longer any good and that I had to take the newer version of the same class because something had changed.  So after taking Accounting 1 twice, then Pre-Cal, which became Pre-Cal with Trig, that then needed to be Business Cal, and the same story for my English classes, and Biology, and then other classes that I took because they told me to take, to find out I didn’t need the class.  Do you see why I gave up?  Seven years is a long time to be at a 2 year school.  I guess they just saw a sucker and milked me for every penny they could.  Who’s the goose?  
3. How did you and Melissa meet?  Melissa and I were set up on a blind date by Charity, read her at Charity’s Chatter.  We were supposed to meet on a certain day and go on a double date with Charity and her man, but I had a horrible car wreck and was in no shape to meet anyone.  After a little healing time I borrowed my roommate’s car to go meet Melissa in Winn Dixie’s parking lot.  (you can’t make this stuff up folks)  Funny story, when my roommate met his wife for their first date he had to borrow my car for the date.  So he and I both used each other’s cars to meet our wives.  What are the odds?  After a brief courtship of 10 years, Melissa and I will wed this Sept 11th.  An anniversary I should never forget, or so the posters say.  Melissa tells this story much better than I do because she remembers the day and what we were each wearing, but all I remember is meeting her and then us hanging out and talking all night at my place of residents at the time.

Pictures of my car that I wrecked, in the second picture you can see the car I was in when Melissa and I met.


  1. Ha! I am glad I was the only question asker! :D So, I did some student teaching at Beulah Elementary-yikes would best describe that experience. :D And, as most of the Auburn/Opelika population, I attended summer classes at SUSCC for two years-Great Books I and II and Biology. Both of which I aced thanks to SU. And dude, that wreck! WTF?? Share the story please-and please post that pic that Melissa has-I bet it's the same one I have! :D

  2. So glad I met you (or started stalking you) through Susannah Cas! Don't know what pictures Melissa showed you but I can assure you, THE REAL THING WAS MUCH WORSE!!!!! Congrats and hugs to you both!!

  3. A. I am glad you are alive after that wreck!
    B. " a brief courtship of 10 years" ... that cracked me up!