Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday Rant, posted on Thursday

I thought up this post yesterday, but wasn’t able to type it up and post it until today.  So, here’s some of my random thoughts.
1.)    Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie are UGLY.  Why does everyone think these ladies are attractive?  I’m so sick of hearing people talking about how good they look.  Angelina looks like white trash with saggy lady parts, and Julia looks like a medicine man shrunk her head but left her eyes, lips and nose their normal size.  If her face was a sheet of paper her features would be outside of the print margins. 
2.)    My assumption that biker chick = saggy boobs was confirmed yesterday on my way back from lunch.  Thanks wrinkly skinned biker chick for the imagine that will unfortunately be burned into my eyes forever.
3.)    Why is it that I can iron a shirt, it looks perfect on the ironing board with no wrinkles, I’ll pick it up off the board put it on, think everything is great, but then I’ll look in the mirror to brush my teeth and hair and notice that the shirt still looks like it’s been wadded up and rolled around on?
4.)    There are so many movies out right I want to see, but just don’t have the free time to sit in a theater and watch.  Toy Story, Dinner for Schmucks, Shrek, and The Other Guys.
5.)    I’ve decided that when I get to retirement age I’m moving to a Historical area so I can give tours. 
6.)    I’m ready to retire now…
7.)    Susannah did a post where she opened the floor for people to ask her questions, I’m going to do the same thing.  Any questions you want to ask me about anything I’ve blogged about, or any other personal questions fire away.  That will give me another blog that I can post so I won’t have to think of anything new to write.  (I’m super lazy people)
I know this was short and sweet, but I want to go ahead and put it out there.  Oh, and Welcome Brandy, my newest follower, I don’t know how you found me, but I’m glad you did. 
Leave me some love peeps!


  1. I have my ways of finding people ;). Will you follow me too?

  2. I agree on Angelina-yikers!

    My questions are:
    1. Where did you grow up?
    2. Where did you go to college?
    3. How did you and Melissa meet?

  3. hahah Your rants are great! Some of the same things I rant about... LOL :)