Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogger Blah part deux

I'm still in my blogging funk, but I really want to post something.  I haven't thought of anything to post and then I was searching through some photos on my computer to show our photog about the area we're getting married and I stumbled across these photos.  So I thought I'd share the ridiculousness that is the soon to be Smith House for 6 pound 4 ounce little baby Jesus.  I'm sure Melissa has posted most of these pictures on her blog, but I thought I'd refresh everyone's memory.  So I hope everyone enjoys.

First here is our tree next to a normal person's tree in the back of my truck. 

And here it is finished.

People, I'm 6 foot 4 inches of twisted steel and sex appeal, and I can't touch the top of this tree...

That was just the main tree, we have a tree in EVERY room in the house, even the bathrooms.  I couldn't find pictures of every tree, but I found the Master Bedroom tree.

And the Kitchen Tree

Next one really isn't a tree, but we make a tree out of our chandelier over the kitchen table.

We put out a nice setup for baby Jesus

And we all get ready for bed because Santa is coming!

And in the morning we find that Santa Paws visited us! (Santa Paws is serious about her work)

And Santa Paws guards all the stockings to make sure everyone gets their gifts.

Maggie over sleeps every year and misses Santa Paws, but she still puts on her Christmas Colors and her Christmas Smile.

I wish I could have found pictures of my Charlie Brown tree, (it's in the office) and the guest bedroom Bear tree.  Every year I look forward to Dec 26th so I can start taking this stuff down.  Melissa loves it and she decorates from Thanksgiving until Dec 24th.  The sad thing is, even with all our trees we have ornaments left with out a spot to hang.  Sorry for the lame post, but like I said, I'm in a blogging funk.  I need help to get out of it.


  1. To those of you reading this.......The second picture (the one of the tree lit up) is not actually the tree that is in the truck! The tree that was in the truck was our 1st tree and it was MUCH bigger than the one in the picture which was our tree for the 2nd Christmas in our house!

  2. Holy cow! I haven't even put up a tree in the past 2 years...I have my reason...mainly because of moving during the holidays, which convieniently always happens...I know I cannot compete with the Smith house!!