Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bringing more enjoyment to my dishwashing

If you follow Lowe’s Home Improvement on Facebook then I’m sure you’ve seen the pre-Black Friday deals they ran this weekend.  Well my Bride made me aware of the deals so she and I spent our weekend trying to win coupon codes for 90% off of items.  Out of all the ads we tried we won one.  But to be honest, it’s one that we really wanted, and needed.  We won an Aquasource faucet for our kitchen sink.  Yay!  The faucet normally cost 130 some odd dollars, we paid 14 for it.  Can’t beat that with a stick!  We fought nobly for several other items, but didn’t win any other battles.  We really wanted to the kitchenaid mixer, and the Dyson vacuum. 
Here is what we used to be working with.
Here is what we were given

And here  it is all finished up and looking pretty
The faucet didn’t get great reviews online, but let me tell you, coming from what we had this thing is awesome.  Cleaning behind it so much easier, I wipe everything down after I wash the dishes.  It has the removable nozzle built into it, so all we have to do is pull on the head and we have a sprayer.  (That’s what she said)  Our old sprayer broke so we bought a replacement, and then the replacement didn’t work so it was pretty much just there for looks.  I believe we’re going to try and find a stopper or something to put in place of the old sprayer, just so it looks a little better.  Next we hope to completely replace the sink though.  We think we want a black sink, and one of higher quality than what came in our spec house.


  1. Lovely! Now, what is this business about special deals? All you do is follow them on FB?? Do give some details, yo. :D