Saturday, November 19, 2011

As Random as it gets

So, I put on twitter that someone needed to remind to post a blog on Friday, and no one did.  So here I sit on a Saturday night posting a random blog.  This blog is all youse guys fault. 
So, I don’t know how many of you guys are followers of mine on twitter, or on friends on the book of faces, but if you are you know that my cat Snoogans got out last weekend and was missing.  How did he get out you might ask?  Well Saturday morning my bride and I were getting ready to go to my folks for their Thanksgiving events.  I woke up not feeling all that great and was dragging around the house.  As the primary car loader in our family I’m guessing on one of my trips o the car to load stuff Snoogs snuck out behind me and into the great outdoors.  Normally when we go out of town we close off our bedroom, which means we have to do a pet count to make sure no one is locked in.  Well, we were in a hurry so we left our bedroom open and hit the road.  Snoogans is out on his.  That long story was told just to tell you this.  My bride and I went out in our area looking for him.  We made the standard flier that we posted around the area with a picture and our numbers.  My Bride goes to a near by trailer park and talks to some of the locals.  Upon speaking to one local and showing her a picture of Snoogans from her phone my bride ask, “Have you seen this cat?”  The replied she received, “YES!  His picture is on that flier posted to the mailboxes.  I saw him in a picture right over there.”  Thanks for your help lady, but no thanks.  Side note, Snoogans found his own way home Tuesday evening and is once again safe at home.
While eating at a new sports bar and grill Thursday night we were told by the owner that he got a discount on his window tinting because he let the window tinter advertise in the window.  The owner then said, “I don’t have a problem with it, if NASCAR can have sponsors, hell, why can’t Vic’s?”
A new liquor store has opened at the corner of my street.  We pulled in the parking lot before it opened to see what it looked like inside.  We noticed they sell, liquor, cigarettes, and prepaid cell phones.  So you have everything you need for a night out.  Drinks, smokes and cell phones to drunk dial and drunk text your exes. 
I’m watching “Vietnam in HD” on History right now.  I know that wasn’t a popular war, but those that fought in that war need to be treated as the hero’s they are.  They went where they were sent and did what they were told.  They didn’t want to be over there, but they were there for us.  So to all our Vets, I thank you. 
This dog has to go out again.  This is serious the third time in the last 30 minutes.  Has she been drinking beer or something? 
As I am every year about this time, I’m already over Christmas.  When Christmas is used as a money making event and not the Holiday it truly is, I get sick of it.  It starts earlier and earlier every year because everyone wants to get in on this Christmas money.  Radio stations in my area were playing Christmas music before Halloween.  So instead of “nightmare on my street”, “Monster mash” and “Thriller” Kids in our area are listening to Jingle Bells as the Treat-or-Treat.  People, this is just wrong.  Someone needs to put Christmas back into check.
The last payment on my truck was made in May of this year and I still haven't gotten my title.  Is that normal?  I've never paid off a car before, but this seems like a very long time for them to mail me my title.  I don't think they understand how bad I want this document.


  1. I agree, I agree, I agree! Christmas music in October is ridiculous! What exactly is "the reason for the season?"
    You better call about the could be lost???
    Happy Thanksgiving............I'll wish y'all a Merry Christmas later (closer to Dec. 25th)!

  2. PS I got my title the month I paid my car off! Call them!