Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just because

Just so I’ve posted more than one blog this month I’m posting a quickie.  Things have been crazy busy here lately.  One, work has picked up, and two the rentals are coming into town tomorrow!  GASP!  So our house has to be spotless.  My Bride is a bit of a Martha Stewart so she always has the house looking cute and homie, is that how you spell it in that this context?  Or did I just pour out some liquor for a homie?  We’ve been scrubbing and cleaning things that often get over looked.  We’ve vowed once again to make a chore list of these task that are forgotten about so we’ll know each week/month that on a certain day the task needs to be done.  Do any of you guys have such a list?  We’re normally very good at the normal task, laundry, dishes, trash removal, with our pets my bride vacuums no less than twice a day.  (FYI, if you have cats with white fur, don’t EVER buy black rugs, OMG at the amount of times you have to vacuum that.)  Were we’ve been lacking is the cleaning of the blinds, baseboards, our rarely used guest bathroom and bedroom.  With the pets we keep our guest rooms closed and forgotten about, don’t want pet fur on the bed and pillows.  And holy hot hell, our office was post wedding storage central.  So many little things from the wedding that needed to be put away/filed/etc.  I’m happy to report that the office is once again in Martha Stewart order (minus a few things that my bride has been on me about hanging that I just haven’t gotten around to yet, oops), all the brides craft supplies bought for the wedding are neatly put in their respective bins, and all the wedding gift boxes that we were hoarding for God knows why have been properly disposed of.  Maybe we thought if we kept these things as they were the honeymoon would never end?   I don’t know if I told you guys this, but we were in a mad rush to try and get out the door for our honeymoon, 16 hours to Key West is a long time.  We unloaded both our cars, had to finish washing clothes for the honeymoon, pack, reload my Brides car for the LONG drive, and get everything ready for our friends that were stopping by to check on the cats.  (We ended up walking out the door around 3:00 am.) We carried our stuff in from the cars to the office and opened our arms and let it hit the floor.  (ok, joking about that, but you get the mental picture right?)  The wedding planner told my bridge that she holds the record for most stuff brought to a wedding, if that gives you any indication of the amount of stuff hauled in.  However, it is a title my bride wears with pride.  (She probably also holds the record for most stuff taken on a honeymoon.  Wow this post is going to get me in trouble.)  I don’t even know how I got to this point?  Oh well, my rentals are coming this weekend with their tiller and they’re going to help us get our garden started.  Here’s to living the Green Acres life in our little country home.  My Bride is trying to talk me into letting her get chickens, but that’s a negative ghost rider, we’re not that far into the country.  Sam’s sells 18 eggs for under 2.00, that’s cheaper than these chickens are going to be, and those eggs don’t come with the all the poop!  Here’s to good weather and back breaking labor at the Smith House this weekend! 


  1. You might reconsider the chickens. Our neighbor has some and the fresh eggs sure are good! He does keep them pinned - especially after Billy told him he was gonna start shooting the next time they were over in our flower gardens, spreading the mulch to heaven only knows where!! Oh well, have fun with your Green Acres!!

  2. Great post! Now I'm imagining Melissa farming chickens! Now show us some pictures of the heezy!!