Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post Rapture Blog

Well hello my fellow Rapture survivors.  Hopefully none of yous guys maxed out your credit cards, or stopped paying your rent or mortgage due to the pending rapture that was supposed to take place this past Saturday.  I’m real interested on what Harold Camping spoke about Sunday morning to his congregation.  I have a feeling it might have gone a little something like this, “See, what.had.happened.was, Jesus was going to come back yesterday, but then…  uh…  his car wouldn’t start, then his dog ate his bus pass, he blew out a flip flop and stepped on a pop top?”  I’m sure Harold Camping lost some friends on Facebook after this major bust.  This might even be a bigger false prophecy then Al Gore’s Global Warming, or since the globe isn’t warming they now call it global climate change.  But he’s still super super cereal about man-bear-pig.  *I hope I’m not the only Soutpark watcher out there. 
One good thing about the world not ending, I created a K-Ci and JoJo channel on Pandora today.  Only down side to how awesome my K-Ci channel is, is that it’s very hard for me to fight the urge to bust out singing.  If you heard my singing you’d be praying for the rapture.  I think I might be the last person to get in on the Pandora thing.  But the box has now been opened, I think my iPhone is starting to get jealous of all the love Pandora is getting lately though.

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