Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach Vacation

Welcome back everyone, oh wait, you guys didn’t go anywhere.  I on the other hand, had a nice vacation in Destin FL.  It’s hard to beat sitting on a beach taking in some sun rays and reading a book.  That is, of course, until you get out of the shower, look in the mirror and notice the nice nerd tan that you have.  Nerd Tan – a tan line created by the sun being blocked off of one’s stomach and chest by the shadow created from holding a book while sitting in the sun.  Since everyone is trying to picture this, I do have an oddly shaped white spot on my stomach that was caused by the book I was reading while on the beach and sitting by the pool.  You can laugh, it’s ok, it’ll only hurt me for a few years.
Other than reading I also really enjoyed snorkeling.  It is kind of scary when you snorkel and see all of the shark’s teeth that are washing up close to the beach.  We probably found 25 to 30 sharks teeth near the beach.  I’d have to say the snorkeling find of the week would have to go to the unopened bottle of Smirnoff Blueberry Lemonade.  Not because we planned on drinking it, but because we like to keep our oceans clean.

I guess I should go back and tell everyone of how my bride and I scored this awesome almost free beach vacation.  My bride and I had talked about taking us a weekend beach trip, we were both excited as we LOVE the beach.  Well then April 27th happened.  It wasn’t even a question, our beach money was spent in the recovery efforts.  I took off some days and we headed up to North Alabama to help.  While up in North Alabama I was talking to a guy and he was asking me some questions about why I was helping and just general questions.  Well I said that we were talking about going to the beach for a vacation, but then this came up so we decided we’d spend or beach trip volunteering.  As soon as I said that the guy I was talking too told me we’d be rewarded 10 fold and that we would get a beach trip this summer.  You hear things like this from people and you think they’re just being nice.  Well let me tell you, we were rewarded 10 fold.  Our two to three day weekend beach trip that we were planning turned into a seven day almost free.99 beach trip.  We were only asked to chip in some money for food, and we were on our own to get there.  Can you believe that?  God is good… 

You know you had a good vacation when you realize you forgot to take pictures.  So other than the artist rendering of the nerd tan, we don’t have much for pictures from this awesome vacation.

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