Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm a Diva, and I'm Dashing

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while.  But I have a good reason.  I’ve been busy at work, and I’ve been training to run my very first 5k, Diva Dash .  Tomorrow, March 23rd, I’ll lace up my shoes and huff and puff my way through a 5k.  I have no delusions that I will run this entire race.  With my swollen ankle and shin splints I’ll be lucky to run one continuous mile.  But I’ll be out there giving it my all.
Why did I choose Diva Dash as my first 5k you ask?  It’s a fund raiser for this amazing little girl who is battling brain cancer.  She is also the daughter of one of my bride’s friends.  My goal has been to run a 5k this year, but I had no idea I’d be running one this soon.  As soon as I heard about Diva Dash, though, I said I was in.  I figured if this girl can fight brain cancer, my old out of shape butt can go and suffer through 3.2 miles of attempted running.
Please watch this short video, it gives her amazing journey and shows just how awesome of a little girl Tori is. It relays her story much better than I ever could in a blog post.

 She has a carepage if you want to follow her journey more closely.  Just search for Tori Svenson.  It has some amazing stories about her journey and a list of Celebs that she’s met and touched.  From Atlanta Braves 2nd basemen, to American Idol finalist.  You can’t meet this girl and not fall instantly in love with her.  She also has some other videos on youtube so if you’re bored get a tissue and watch them.

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