Thursday, February 10, 2011

RoMANtic Valentine's ideas

It was posed to me by Charity at Charity's Chatter to give my readers some ideas for romantic Valentine’s day ideas.  I’m pretty sure if you asked my bride about my romantic ideas she’d get a good laugh out of it.  I don’t come from a family that is “romantic”.  In the Smith house showing emotion and affection is not all that acceptable.  My bride has been working on me and she is constantly trying to make me aware that Romance exists outside of the movies.  Example, here is a exchange between my bride and I while watching a romantic move, my bride: “Isn’t that so romantic, you’d never do anything like that for me”, my response: “It’s a movie, it’s scripted for him to be romantic, no man is really like that.”  So with this being said, let me take a crack at a RoMANtic Valentine.
Every year you hear of “love coupons” good for one “favor” or “act” that is written on the coupon.  Well this is a new generation so why not Love Gift Cards?  Come up with fun names for the places that the gift cards are valid for.  Here are some of my ideas, please don’t think I’m a perv…

Movie Pass – Good if he/she wants to see you put on a show
Downtown Pub – Good for a meal “downtown” if you’re picking up what I’m laying down
Victoria Secret – Good for a night of dress up
Outdoor World – Good for a “hike” in an exotic location
Mardi Gras – Good for a free flash
QuikTrip – Good for a quicky
Home Depot – More saving, More doing, that’s the power of the Home Depot

I think you guys get the point.  I’m trying to keep this somewhat G-rated, but you guys can be as risqué as you want.  And of course the card will have to have a spending limit on it, and I’ll let you guys set that.  If you put a limit on it you know us guys will start to use it like a charge card.  I would think you’d probably want to stick to a 12 “dollar” max, one for each month.
If you don’t like that idea, how about a giving him a certificate for a topless car wash, I’m not suggesting you go and take your top off and wash his car, I’m saying you wash the bottom half of his car and leave the top half dirty.  But I’m sure he’ll be excited when he first reads it, until he reads the fine print and learns the catch.
Not liking that idea either?  Maybe find a couples “adult” movie that has tricks and pointers in it.  Something to watch together and learn from.
Men really aren’t that hard to please, we really just want to spend some time with you doing things we both enjoy.  Not sitting on the couch while you watch “Real House Wives”, that’s not fun nor romantic.  Be fun and flirty on Valentine’s, send flirty text, or provocative pictures if he’s at work, nothing to get him in trouble or fired though!  Sneak in some free flashes, or suggestive poses to build the anticipation for later in the evening.  Ask him to join you in the shower, I promise your chesticals will have never been cleaner.  Just make the day about each other.  That’s what Valentine’s day is all about.


  1. You are HILARIOUS! This is a good idea, I am sure Melissa will get right on that coupon book! :)

  2. haha, Love it! Thanks for creating a post about the man's point of view on VD. :)

  3. Sussanah that coupon book will NEVER exist!