Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekly Random

Hello everyone, and welcome to the weekly rundown of everything Cas.  This week we’ll be discussing my picks for the Academy Awards, but since I haven’t seen most of these movies, I’ll be basing my picks solely off the title or the movie poster.  And the Nominees for best picture are…

Black Swan – Haven’t seen this movie, but wanted too, it has the cute girl from “That 70’s show” and Darth Vader’s wife in it, to me that’s a win-win.
The Fighter – one of the movies I did watch, and it was amazing!  Also staring my current Hollywood movie crush of Amy Adams, and don’t call me Marky Mark, Mark Walberg. A must see
Inception – Rented this one from the redbox, started watching it late, my bride started talking, so I just turned the movie off and returned it 5 days later.
The Kids Are All Right – Haven’t seen it, but I have a feeling the Kids aren’t really all right
The King’s Speech – Haven’t seen it, but I sure do hate when the president speaks and bogarts all the channels, I have a feeling this will be just like that.
127 Hours – That’s just way too long of a movie, there is no way I could hold it that long after drinking a bucket of movie Coke
The Social Network – My bride and I had a date night to see this movie, it was a nice date, had steak at Longhorns, extra points for the steak
Toy Story 3 – Pixar, enough said, but I want to say more, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and the main character’s name is Woody!  If that doesn’t say children’s movie then you can get out of here
True Grit – Sounds like a rough movie to me, oh it’s about cowboys, yeah, probably a lot of stubble on their faces, ouch
Winter’s Bone – This sounds like a movie you’d watch on a pay channel!  I wonder if it’s main character is also named woody?

And the winner is…  The Highlander, Ricky Bobby said it won the Academy for best movie ever.

But for real, my real vote for best movie, The Fighter, if you haven’t seen it, make it a point to rent it from Netflix, Redbox, ondemand, or I think Blockbuster is still renting movies.  It is worth it.  Plus I was told that you can see Amy Adams nipples through her bra in one scene, that's worth the price of admission in itself.

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