Thursday, December 3, 2009

ROC yeah

So I think I’m going to start using my blog space to review movies and events and make other commentary on things relevant to me. So here is my first review/commentary: I’m not sure if anyone else was aware of this, but apparently they have a huge tree at Rockefella Plaza every year and they put little lights in it and prettying it up. I wasn’t all the interested in the tree, I’ve seen plenty a tree with lights in them before, but I was interested in the singing people they had before they lit the tree. When I turned the TV on Aretha Franklin was belting out a tune in an outfit that I believe she borrowed from Lady Ga-Ga. The size of her dress would have been appropriate for a woman of Ga-Ga-s size, and she either ha d a birds nest or a Christmas reef covering her face. The next performer just about had me lighting my own tree right there on the couch! Shakira sang “Santa Baby”, and she had me jealous of an overweight man in a velour suite! Basically the point I’m trying to get across is that I’d like to climb down that chimney and leave a present. Then low and behold Matchbox 20 came out and sang a Christmas song about New York. They kept calling Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas, but they weren’t fooling me, I knew who it really was. Good God Jesus, Joseph and Mary, Alicia sang the worlds slowest version Little Drummer Boy, As far as I know Alicia is still singing. Maybe she’s going for Boyz-II-Men’s record of longest version of a song? After this Barry Manilow came out fresh from the wax museum and sang without moving any part of his face. Either Rod Stewart wasn’t prepared or he completely forgot what he was doing because I don’t see how running a love train at a tree lighting event for Jesus’ birth really put anyone in the Christmas mood. The last performer of the night was Michael Buble, I have nothing to say about him except that I just like to say Buble. So Buble.

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