Monday, December 21, 2009

Something serious, for once

I’m taking a break from the blog post that everyone is accustom to seeing from me to post what many may call a “real blog post”. Let me preface this by saying when I clean I like to have the TV on, and I like for it to be playing a movie that I’ve seen a hundred times so I won’t feel like I’m missing something as I’m cleaning. Well I found that the Band of Brothers miniseries is the perfect thing to watch while cleaning. Band of Brother’s is 10 hours long, filled with action, and appeals to my history loving side. So anyway, I’m watching Band of Brothers, I mean cleaning while Band of Brothers is on, and no matter how many times I watch Band of Brothers it still amazes me what these men did. I do not like war, I wish we didn’t have to fight wars, but I’m totally blown away by the acts/bravery of soldiers. Band of Brothers really hits me hard because it’s not just a Hollywood movie, it’s based on real life. All the “characters” that you form an attachment to, have a real life attached to them. Every “Character” that dies in Band of Brothers represents an American life that didn’t come home. In this unpopular war that our country is fighting right now I feel we have lost sight of the fact that rather you personally support the war or not please support our troops. These troops are our neighbors, our neighbor’s sons and daughters, our own family members, and our fellow countrymen/women. With Christmas fast approaching take a second to think of our men and women who are missing time with their family, who would give anything to be sitting in your seat with your brother’s/sister’s child screaming, hearing your grandfather tell the same joke/story that he tells every year, and the family arguments that are always brought up. I just want to take this time to say “THANK YOU!” to all our veterans and active military for everything that they have done and are doing, not just for me but for the entire country. I feel Toby Keith said it best when he said, "Built Ford Tough", or maybe it was "How do you like me now"? I'm pretty sure he's sang a song that applies to this so go check out his albums.

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