Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hard Rock Life Volume I

It’s me again, coming to you live from Sunny Denver Colorado.  Let me get you a breast to what has been going down.  It snowed here Thursday night, and Friday we went to meet my director who works about 30 minutes from Denver.  We got a tour of their building and pretty much spent the day chatting it up with them.  Then we went to eat at The Old Louisville Inn, I ordered the grilled salmon on sour dough, the sandwich was good, but the bread hated me.  The bread picked a fight with the top of my mouth and I believe the bread won because I have been unable to eat anything pain free since this sandwich.  We also did some driving up and down the mountains.  The snow capped mountains were amazing.  We tried to check out Boulder Falls, but due to fallen boulders we couldn’t hike up there to check it out.  We kept driving until we saw a cool lake, and when I say cool lake I mean freezing cold lake.  Adam and I decided that it would be the coolest thing ever to walk out to the lake and touch the water.  And by coolest thing ever I mean it was freaking freezing. The wind was blowing at 40 knots the seas were rough, oops went all pirate on you there, yar.  It was 33 degrees and the wind was blowing harder than Tiger Woods mistresses.  After our forever hike across the “beach” to touch the water we realized that “milk was a bad choice.”  Our never say die attitude kept us going and we both stuck a finger in the water, said wow that’s cold, then retreated back to the warmth of the truck.  After this little adventure we decided that it was time to head back, we had to pick Adam’s wife up from work so that kind of made the decision easy.  We told the GPS to take us home, country road, and it apparently listened.  The GPS wanted to take us down every little dirt road we passed.  I think it just wanted to get the truck dirty.  We kept going on the main paved road because with the rain and snow that had just fallen we didn’t want to risk what we would find on a dirt road.  Finally the GPS picked up that we weren’t listening to its demands to take a small dirt road and put us on the only other paved road on this mountain.  We made it to pick up Adam’s wife just in time, then came home and ate tacos.  I’m pretty sure that we have pictures of this entire event, but we can’t find the cord to the camera, so we don’t really have pictures…

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  1. haha, quite the adventure there!
    Now... tell us about Conan!! haha :)