Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Such a Slacker...

Gees, what a slacker I’ve been.  I haven’t shared all the goodness of the Conan Show with any of you guys.  Well, I have a good reason.  Melissa unloaded all of the pictures from the camera I borrowed from Adam.  Well, we thought that all our pictures were being downloaded to the shared external hard drive that we spent so much money on, but turns out, somehow, Melissa’s profile has created a new iPhoto library under her login, which has filled up the Hard Drive again, and prevented me from accessing the newly downloaded photos.  Melissa will be copying down these photos for me so I can get to them and then I’ll be able to continue my “Hard Rock Life” blog series.  (In case anyone has noticed, that’s a play on the Jay-Z albums.)
In other news, weekend before last a good friend of mine lost her husband.  This loss has been weighting very heavily on Melissa and I.  Melissa only knew her through me, but she feels she knows her very well.  For two years I sat next to this lady at work for 8 hours a day.  We grew very close and she shared a lot of stories of her young son with me, she was a new mom at the time.  I would come home and share those stories with Melissa.  So please, everyone pray for this family.
 A brighter story!  My sister just gave birth to her third child, Emilee.  I’m taking off this Thursday to go home and see my sister and baby Emilee. 

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  1. So sad about your friend. Congrats on the new niece though!