Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hard Rock Life Volume II

Saturday morning Adam took his wife to the airport while I chilled at the apartment.  When he got back we decided that we would head to Garden of the God’s in Colorado Springs.  This is a beautiful place filled with amazing naturally formed rock formations.  Adam and I walked around the trails as straight as two men walking a dog through a romantic park can. 
Garden of the Gods didn’t take us anywhere near as long as we thought it would so we didn’t know what we wanted to do next.  Adam had heard of the Royal Gorge Bridge and he knew it wasn't too much further down the road so we got our Wiki on, and decided that we would go check it out.  So we drove for about another hour and a half through some beautiful country side until we arrived at the Royal Gorge Bridge.  We were shocked to find that this is not a bridge that you can drive across, but instead you can pay 25 dollars to walk across the bridge.  Even though it sounds cool, we decided it wasn’t worth our money so we went to an observation point, took a picture and headed on back to Denver.  On our way home we drove by Buckskin Joe Frontier Town & Railway and we see that they have railroad tours of the Bridge for 12 dollars.  We saw a Rail Road running next to the river at the bottom of the gorge and we get super excited because we just know that this train is going to take us down to the bottom so we could ride under bridge.  WRONG!  How about this train is basically a model train, and we would look even gayer than two guys walking a dog through a romantic park if we rode this tiny little train. That idea is quickly canned, so again we decided to make the drive back to the apartment.  Buckskin Joe and the Royal Gorge Bridge are located in Canon CO, we believe it’s pronounced canyon because it has the ~ over the first n.  A little fun fact on Canon CO, it is home to 9 State and 4 Federal correctional facilities.  Doesn’t that make you want to just run out and buy a house there? 
Stay tuned for Hard Rock Life Volume III, feature the Conan O’Brien Legally Prohibited from being Funny on TV Tour.

Here is a picture of a mountain creek with snow on the hill side.

Here is a picture from the parking lot of Garden of the God's.

And finally a Picture of the Royal Gorge Bridge.

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  1. Those are some great pictures! Sorry you couldn't go across the bridge or on the train. But I am SURE you guys didn't look at all gay. :)