Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Auburn got a dusting of the white stuff

As most of my readers probably know by now, the Auburn Tigers are the National Champions of the world in the United States.  This makes me one happy dude.  I’m pretty sure my bride was ready to divorce me during the game.  I was a nervous wreck.  I couldn’t sit down, I was pacing, I was fighting back the urge to hurl every second, I even quit making cornbread for dinner because the Tigers started doing bad when I was mixing up the batter.  Yes, I understand that it was bad planning and timing on our part to not have already eaten by kick off.  When dinner was ready I could barely even choke the food down due to my nerves. 
My thoughts on the game?  Totally not what I expected, but I couldn’t be prouder.  One, our defense was outstanding.  Two, I was so proud that Kodi Burns got the first touchdown.  For people not around Auburn, Kodi has been a leader on this team since he was moved to Wide Receiver.  With Cam getting all the national attention, Kodi has quietly been leading the team behind the scenes and the team has been following.  Three, how fitting was it that the game came down to a Wes Byrum field goal?  What a way to cap off his career!  And lastly, people are already talking about the title not standing and that the NCAA will take it away.  Well you know what?  They might take away the title, but they will never take away the feeling I felt Monday night when the football went between those yellow goalpost.    So do what you want NCAA, Auburn will ALWAYS be the 2010-2011 College Football Champions of the World.  All we do is win win win no matter what…
More poor planning on the super fan’s part…  I had planned all along to go to Toomer’s after the game to celebrate with untold members of my family.  As the game was winding down, tied 19 to 19 my bride asked me if she should get up and start getting ready.  I said "heck to the no!"  This game isn’t over yet, we are not going to jinx this by acting like we’ve already won!  As soon as the scoreboard said Auburn 22 Oregon 19 with 00:00 left, I told my Bride, get up, get dressed, we’re going.  We throw on some clothes, grab our warm coats, talk to a friend who wanted to ride with us and dash off to the truck.  What do we see when we get to the truck?  About an inch of ice caked on the entire truck.  I chip away at the door and bust it open, fire up the big blue beast, and put the defrost on full blast.  Back to the house we go to wait on ice to magically melt away.  This did allow me to watch some post game celebration, and calm down before hitting the roads like a wild man.  We allow 15 minutes to pass before checking on the Blue Beast  with the horses inside her thundering ready to be let lose to roam the plains, but alas, still an inch of ice on her holding her back.  With no more time to spare a dash to our storage building to fetch the overkill for the south ice scraper/snow brush combo tool we received for Christmas ages ago.  This tool is awesome, it blasted the ice off the windshield as if it was a hot knife scraping the top layer out of a tub of butter.  The brush is also a bright Orange color, so totally fitting, and can also be used to help flag down help if stuck in a ditch, or land an air craft if you're on the deck of a aircraft carrier.  With fully charged camera in hand we’re ready to get our party on.
Once in Auburn, it was a mad house, cars, people, and toilet paper everywhere.  Here are a few moments we were able to capture before we ran out of space on our memory card, guess that should be up in the poor planning section of this post…

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