Thursday, June 17, 2010

30 day shred day 2 FAIL

When I got home last night I had all intentions of completing day 2 of the 30 day shred.  Well...  I guess what they say is life happens.  Melissa was cooking when I got home, so when she finished we ate.  Well you can't just eat and then get your butt kicked by Jillian.  So we decided to take on the task of grooming the animals.  Melissa bought some new nail clippers and a defurring brush for the cats.  Let the fun begin...  First kitty was possum, he's so easy going, he pretty much doesn't even care you're cutting his nails.  Victim, I mean kitty, number 2, my man, Snoogans.  He likes to moan and complain, but really he's easy to do.  Killer number 3, Momma Tills.  Sweet Jesus, Mary and the shepherds.  She is the words smallest, quietest, sweetest cats, until you try and clip her nails.  The demons come out of her when she sees the nail clippers.    Melissa is scared to death of her, and she's Melissa's cat.  We ended up having to wrap her in a towel, Melissa held her, and I clipped while she bit my hands.Snittens was the final kitten to be clipped and he was pretty uneventful.  Maggy was last in line to her pedicure.  She is probably worse then Tilly to try and clip.  Not that she bites, growls, or becomes aggressive.  She is just the hardest thing to hold on to.  Well, by the time we finished giving everyone their pedicures it was my bedtime.  Tonight I get to sit on the bench for another softball game, but after the game I'm going to make sure we get our Jillian on. 

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  1. That was my biggest problem with Jillian-by the time we could do it together (cause I was watching the baby until he got home from work), we needed/wanted to eat and then it was like you needed time to let your food settle, then it was night night time!