Monday, June 7, 2010

Hard Knock Live Volume IV

So, I’ve pretty much given up on getting the pictures from the Conan show to add to the blog so I’m going to go ahead and post the blog before I forget everything that happened at the show.  Question, how do you know it was a great show?  It’s been a month and I’m still talking about it.  This might be a long blog so I’ll just jump right into it.
The opening Act was a Comic named Reggie Watts.  He was funny, but has a different type of humor. You have to be ready for him and not be offended by cussing.  If you want a little taste of Reggie click HERE.  (just a warning it’s quite graphic with the F bombs.)
After Reggie I sat for a second trying to process everything that I had just seen and heard…  After I gathered my thoughts the main show was beginning.  The band came out and played some songs, and yes it was his band from the TV show.  The band was amazing, since you hear so little of them while they’re cutting to commercial you really don’t appreciate how talented they really are.  Then the Co-coets came out and danced for us, just a group of hot ladies dancing in tight outfits.  Video starts playing on the jumbo-tron of an overweight Conan acting depressed because he had the tonight show taken from him.  The excitement is starting to build.  Ladies and Gentlemen Conan is in the building.  Conan starts the show by filling everyone in on why he’s doing a live show, explains why his show is named, Legally prohibited from being funny on Television, because he is legally banned from being funny on TV.  He talks about how they’re still hashing out what skits are property of NBC and what skits he has the rights too.  Due to this legal matter the “Masturbating Bear” couldn’t appear, but the “Self Pleasuring Panda” could!  There was also a video from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.  They have the recorded Triumph bit and then crudely recorded over the city the show was in, and some famous land marks from the city.  Conan apparently walked around the campus before the show and talked to some locals.  He learned that school was out so he didn’t get to interact with too many people, but I’m guessing the ones he did talk to were pot smoking hippies.  A lot of the jokes he did centered around the pot smoking hippies in Boulder CO.  At one point during the show Andy broke out a camera and was scanning the crowd for “chicks” to hang out with after the show.  Well wouldn’t you know, Andy stopped the camera right on Adam and I.  More focused on Adam than me, but none the less I made the Jumbo-tron at the show.  A high point in my life.  The Show had a lot of props that they used.  The ones I can remember are a HUGE inflatable bat from a Meatloaf tour, the crazy leather outfit Eddie Murphy wore when he did “Raw”, and then there was Andy wearing a horse around his waist singing a cowboy tune.  These are just some of high points of the show.  I really can’t express enough how much fun this show was.  Conan has a super quick wit and interacts with the fans causing some classic moments.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  Sorry this is so vague, but this has been a month since I saw this show and I have the memory of a gold fish.

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  1. Ah, SO jealous!! I can't wait for his new show to start! :) That's awesome you guys were on the jumbo-tron!! Too bad you didn't post pics... But, it's ok I'll forgive ya. haha Glad you guys had a good time! I'm sure it'll definitely be one show you remember for awhile ;)