Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Put me in coach

Well, as I stated yesterday, softball season started last night.  We had our first game and boy was it something.  I discovered last year that our coach doesn’t think too highly of my softball skills.  The trend has carried into this year as I found myself on the bench doing nothing more than being the “extra hitter”.  Since we had 10 players he had to use an EH.  At least since I had limited playing time, what happened last night cannot be hung on me.  The game was very short.  We pretty much got skunked.  The game only lasted 5 innings, that’s right, we were mercy ruled in the 5th.  I got one at bat, which I promptly grounded to 3rd. 
Since I played so little I was well rested when I got home.  Melissa made me a salad, and then we watched “Losing it with Jillian Michaels”.  After watching this, Melissa and I were inspired to finally break out the 30 day shred video I bought her for Christmas.  We took the DVD out of it’s wrapper, and slid it into the player.  I had read reviews online about the video and I knew that it was going to be rough.  We didn’t have any dumbbells so we just did those parts with our arms.  I must say I kept up with the ladies pretty well.  I believe I took 3 breaks, during the cardio.  Hopefully we can stick with this and see some results.  I’m going to weigh myself tonight to see what my starting weight is.  I know, a little late for that since we started last night.  I’m really doing this to support Melissa as she wants to look as good as possible for our wedding.  But I also really want to get into better shape.  I’m a pretty thin man, so if I lose the 20 pounds they promise in 30 days there won’t be anything left of me.  Speaking of weight, I just had my license renewed and my weight is still listed at 165 pounds!  Do you think anyone is going to believe that I weigh 165 pounds?  Or can you believe that at my height I once weighted only 165 pounds?  I was nothing but a rail with an inverted booty.  If we can ever get our scanner working maybe I can find some of these old pictures of my weighting 165 and share with everyone. 

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  1. LOL I think that is very sweet of you to be doing the shred with her! Good husband/fiance!