Monday, June 14, 2010

The weekend to end all weekends

It finally happened.  After 10 years of dating each other Melissa and I took the big leap that has locked us together forever.  No, we didn’t elope, even though we’ve thought about it, our parents met for the first time ever.   To most people that probably isn’t that big of a deal, but for us this was a huge deal.  Our families couldn’t be any further apart from each other if they tried.  I think the only thing they have in common is that they both love me, I mean us.  We kind of, but not really, invited them to our house for the meet, greet, and eat.  Seems simple enough right?  Well no…  We had to plan the menu around my father, who doesn’t really eat anything but meat and potatoes.  Melissa’s family and my mother will eat just about anything.  We decided the cheapest and easiest menu would be to grill a drunken chicken.  Sam’s has the whole chickens for hardly anything so Melissa scooped two of those bad boys up for us.  We probably could have gotten by with grilling just one chicken, which is super evident looking back at all the leftover chicken, but a drunken chicken is cooked sitting on a beer can…  Well my Southern Baptist Minister father doesn’t like to eat anything cooked with alcohol.  So I grilled one Drunk Chicken and one Sober chicken.  *funny side note, after Melissa’s father carved both chickens and separated the meat to a Sober pile and a drunk pile, my dad got chicken from both piles so he ate some of the drunk chicken, all that work for nothing.  With the chicken I grilled Corn on the Cob, Melissa made potatoes, and Mary brought some yummy squash casserole.  For Dessert, Melissa made a Paula Dean, “Not yo momma’s banana pudding”, Delish! And she also picked up a key lime pie from Publix. 

Melissa and I tried our best to make sure that no two opposing parents were left alone with each other.  This meant that we spent a lot of time checking on our parents and babysitting.  I guess this is what it’s going to feel like to have kids and to having to keep an eye on them?  It’s pretty stressful work.  It was very hot outside and my father isn’t too much for getting out and doing, so he was easy to find sitting on the couch watching TV.  My mom, Marry and Melissa’s dad were all over the place though.  They were looking at our flowers, trying to find ways to help, and generally keeping themselves entertained.  Since the meet, greet, and eat was at our house there wasn’t too much for them to do.  Our house is pretty small, the yard is large, but it was so hot and muggy who really wanted to be out there?  My mom, Mary, and Melissa’s dad wanted to be out there, that’s who!  The three of them love to do yard work, plant flowers and have gardens.  So they were out pointing out all our flowers and naming everything we had.  We did get a lot of compliments for the work that we have done in the yard.  All in all everything went great.  We’re glad to have this over with.  We were so exhausted that after we cleaned up everything Saturday and went to bed early we over slept Sunday morning and was super late for church. 

Please, let me know how the meeting of your parental’s went?  Were any of you guys as nervous about the meeting as Melissa and I were? 

Side note, incase you’re wondering, I still have my burns.  I planned to shave them Sunday, but overslept.  I’m so scared to do it because they’ve been apart of me for so long.  I know, it’s to suck it up and grow up.  I mean have side burns really been cool since the original 90210? 

(Yeah, I'm that cool!)


  1. Side burns HAVE been cool since 90210... LOL
    When we had our first meeting of the parental units, I can't even remember how it went! haha I think it was when Ben and I moved out of my grandpa's house up to Kansas City. So we had only been together for about four months. But, Ben had lived with me at my grandpa's for a couple months before that, so he was able to really get to know my family and with his family living so close to my home town we'd see them a lot.
    But, I think it wasn't until the wedding reception that everyone on both sides of the families met one another (which was about 2 years after we first started going together). I was SUPER nervous about it. Ben, not so much he's more of a "go with the flow" type of person. It was at the local VFW, so everyone was able to mingle.
    I'm really glad everything went well for you guys! It sounds like everyone had a great time! :)

  2. Yo! I can't believe they've never met before!!! How much longer till the wedding??

    When our parents met, it was pretty chill-Jason's parents are very laid back and go with the flow of anything-as are mine. But, mine are pretty heavy drinkers. Back then, his parents indulged in cocktails too-before health probs. But all in all, it was cool. I think my dad is pretty intimidating though-and very opinionated-so I was pretty worried about that. But, it all worked out. In the end, if they can just be civil to one another, that's all that matters-cause really, it's about y'all! When are y'all going back to Bham? I am going to try and make it back sometime in July, and if you guys were there, we could get together! How's Melissa???

  3. I cant beleive they have never met before either! OUr parents met at our wedding and were also opposites but turns out they had alot in common after all so lots of good conversation! It went really well!