Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Question to the group...

I posted this as my facebook status, but I thought I'd post this on here as well to get some more insight.  I've had side burns for at least the last 12 years.  Melissa has never seen me without them.  Well with the wedding coming up I was thinking about shaving them.  Do I really want side burns in our wedding pictures?  Can someone give me some insight?  I know I could shave them now and they'd grow back before the wedding.  But, for some reason I'm just nervous about letting them go.  I only grew them because I was tired of shaving so high up on my face, so they should be easy to let go right?  Somebody please help me!  Oh, and my rapidly receding hair line I was thinking about giving up on the part, it's starting to look more like a comb over, and just cutting my hair short.  Maybe just use the clippers to cut my hair the same length all the way around.  Any thoughts on this?  If I'm going bald, I want to do it gracefully. 

Here is one of the most recent pictures I could find.


  1. You'll lot hot no matter what. Personally, I'm digging the burns.

  2. I vote to shave them now and post pictures with adn without that way if you wanna do it with you have time to regrow them!!

  3. I agree with Cathy, I like the way you look now. But, I also agree with LG-if you do it now, you can see what it looks like and decide. Honestly, you have to like the way you look to be happy! :D
    Miss your posting!

  4. I agree with Susannah, but I like the burns. Though, I can't picture you without them and with short hair all the way around. Have you ever had hair one length all the way around? I vote you just not cut your hair at all until after the wedding! LOL ;) JK!!
    You don't have much longer until the wedding is upon us, so better make your decision fast!