Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

So, I have a new guilty pleasure.  The Sing off.  Have you guys been watching this show?  I LOVE good music and I love R&B.  I used to sing my heart out to Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Keith Sweat, Soul for Real, Tevin Campbell, Immature, Shai, Hi-Five, New Edition, and Uncle Sam.  I remember driving around singing my lungs out to these songs.  Me and My Boy, like how I went old school R&B there, used to break the songs up into parts, especially KC and Jo-Jo, and sing them like we were paid.  Watching the Sing Off on NBC has brought a lot of these memories flooding back, and reminded me why I used to be Boyz II Men’s #1 fan.  Golly I love good music.  Did any of you guys rock the beats back in the 90’s?  What are some of your favorite groups, songs?  Please leave me comments with your answers, some times I feel that Ms Jenkins is the only one reading my blog!  While I’m at it, Thank you Ms. Jenkins for being  such a loyal reader!

And yes I know this is four blogs in four days!  Just call me butter, cause I'm on a roll baby!

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  1. Sup butter??? :) You are cracking me UP with these frequent posta! What the?