Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I've learned

Don’t know if any of you guys are sports fans, or used to watch SportsCenter back when it was actually watchable, but if any of you did then you’ll probably remember a guy named Dan Patrick.  Well a few years ago Dan left “the Mother Ship” and went out on his own.  He now has his own radio show called “The Dan Patrick Show”, creative name right?  A friend of mine got me started listening to Mr. Dan Patrick’s show and so now I’m able to kill 3 hours a day with some enjoyable sports talk radio.  One of the last segments of each day is a segment called “What we’ve learned”.  In this segment each Danette has to say one thing that they’ve learned from the day’s show.  What they learned each day is usually something comical, but maybe we should all start taking note of the things we learned from day to day.
What have I learned today?  I learned a good friend of mine and his wife cut their Christmas budget in half and have used the excess to adopt a family in need.  I’ve heard some of the gifts this family is getting and I’m jealous and I know they’re going to have an awesome Christmas this year.

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