Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stop! Its potty time!

Can you guys believe it?  Two blogs in as many days!?  It’s a miracle! 
It’s my job when I’m at home to take our little dachshund out to go to the bathroom.  This can sometimes be a pretty boring task.  To make this event more enjoyable I will spend time on my iPhone and Facebook, or sometimes I’ll sing to Mags.  All the songs I sing to her are reworded of course, so that they fit the task at hand.  Below are some of our favorite songs when it’s potty time.
Barbie Girl: “Come on Barbie let’s go party”.  Mag’s likes: “Come on Maggie, let’s go potty”
California Love: “California, knows how to party” Mag’s likes: “Maggie Doddle, has to go potty”
Smoking in the boys room: “Smokin’ in the boys room” Mag’s likes: “Peeing in the front yard”
Hammer Time: “Stop, it’s hammer time” Mag’s likes: “Stop, It’s potty time!”
And of course there are countless others that I can’t seem to remember right now because I decided to write a blog about it.  Go figure.

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  1. hahaha! That's funny. We have to encourage the dog to go potty and poopy too. lol :)