Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biggest Loser and Basketball

So I feel my biggest loser update posts are too long and that no one is reading them so I’m going to really shorten this up.  Red team is crazy and liars and need to go.  Green team hasn’t worked out their emotional issues enough to lose weight and be healthy.  Orange team is super cute and quite, gray seems to be there for the right reasons and are freaking rock stars, White team has a long ways to go as does Brown team.  Pink team needs help, they won’t be there much longer if they keep putting up these small numbers.  Purple is quite and cute, but won’t last if she doesn’t step it up.  That’s all the teams I can think of right now.  Fat people got a scale, saw they lost weight, they clapped, almost everyone was happy.  Last night was too much drama for me, work out, lose weight, and shut up.

Now for biggest loser part 2, Last night was our first league basketball game.  I know I’m in horrible shape and so I knew I didn’t want to play too much or I’d risk hurting the team.  That said I would have liked to have played long enough to break a sweat…  I played about 4 to 6 minutes, all in the first half, grabbed 2 rebounds and scored 2 points.  Positives to take away from the game, I didn’t fall on the floor, I hit the one shot that I took, and I did do enough running last night to feel a little sore.  As for the team, a little talking started, two players got way off their game and then the other team started running away with it.  I noticed that our team is much more ghetto this year than it was last year, mainly due to one player that doesn’t even work for my company that is sponsoring the team…  Oh well.  I was hoping to use this basketball season as a starting off point for me getting shape to run my 5K, but if I can’t get on the floor to run I’ll never make any progress.


  1. You can still make progress, just run when you're not playing :)

  2. So I just realized you have your own blog!!!! I'm now a follower!