Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome Back Kotter

Everyone try and control yourself, but word on the yard is, I’m back!  That’s right, the prodigal blogger has returned from my lengthy road trip to Charlottesville VA.  First, some notes from the road.  Virginia is billed for lovers, and apparently everyone is too busy “loving” to get out and do road work.  I felt like Teddy Roosevelt and the rough riders rolling through there.  It’s also not a place for radio stations.  At one point I hit seek on my radio and the radio dial went almost all the way back around before finding a station.  For about 20 miles I was limited to 3 radio stations to choose from, I felt like a kid with ABC, NBC, and CBS when the president was on.  With no good radio stations to choose from and a sleeping passenger I was left alone with my thoughts, always a scary thing.  My thoughts took me to how I will spend my lottery winnings win I finally win the lottery.  Note:  If you’re trying to lose weight, I don’t suggest a long road trip.  I haven’t eaten this unhealthy since Melissa and I moved in together. 
*Fast food = yuck. 
*Cruise control and a GPS will become your two best friends on a road trip. 
Oh!  What is up with the speed limits in SC, NC, and VA?  65 miles per hour, or mile-n-er for my redneck readers, on the interstates?  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but when you bump back up to 70 after running 65 for 5 hours you start to feel like you’re in NASCAR or something, Woo!  Earnhardt! 
A tip for future travelers:  Stop at the welcome centers as you enter a new state and pick up the hotel coupon books, there are some great deals on rooms in there.  
Fact: the only 5 songs that the radio stations at home play will be the only 5 songs the radio stations in every city in every state will play. 
Fact #2: you look like a fool with your pants on the ground. 
Little known fact:  TJMaxx will not sell you a candle if the glass is broken.  This is a fact that Melissa learned in Greenville SC and almost brought her to tears. 
This is all notes from the road I have at this time, stay tuned for further updates.  I haven’t watched Hero’s  or How I met your Mother yet, but we did watch Biggest Loser last night so I’ll try and bang out an update on that in just a little bit.

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