Thursday, January 21, 2010

Biggest Loser Run Down

Let me apologize for not posting a recap of last weeks Biggest Loser, but we watched it right before hitting the road for Virginia.  I have a horrible memory and don’t really remember what happened last week, nor do I remember who got sent home.  I think it was a mom?  Moving on to this week…  we had a brand new twist added and our first temptation of the season.  The twist is that the made this week “Teacher “ and “Student” week.  One member from each team would be the teacher and the other the student.  The teacher got to work out with Bob and Jillian, but the student couldn’t have any interaction with the trainers all week.  All the training they did had be given to them from the teacher.  Make sense?  Well come weigh in time the student was the only weight that would count.  This ties directly into the temptation because the winner of the temptation got to chose who would be the teacher and who would be the student.  The temptation the easiest one I’ve ever seen, they had to take turns eating M&M’s, or Chocolate candies as they called them on the show.  Each team member had the option to not eat any candies of course and most of the teams took that option.  White team and Pink stayed in the temptation and ate one “Chocolate Candy” each.  Round two starts, pink eats a second chocolate candy and the white team concedes and doesn’t eat their second candy.  After winning the power of choosing the teams they decide they don’t want the power, too late now.  So the teachers are chosen and as expected you have some happy some not so happy, and one really unhappy.  The green team is fighting mad about this and makes it obvious to everyone.  The trainers quickly pick up on this and single out the upset green team member to get to the root of the problem.  Bob sicks Jillian on her to make her crack, which of course she does.  After trying to hide her tears and walking off the show, Bob steps in to smooth everything over and make everyone happy again.  Yay Bob!  Now on to this weeks challenge, let me preface by saying apparently none of these “losers” have ever seen this show before.  The losers  had to take 1000 feet of ribbon and wind it through a play ground getting it as tangled as possible, then they were told that they would draw colors to see which ribbon each team was to untie.  The prize?  Immunity and the right to swap any teacher and student at the weigh in.  Off one person from each team goes to entangle their ribbon.  It’s all fun and games, everyone is yucking it up, wrapping their ribbons around any and everything until they’ve run out of ribbon.  Everyone is still all smiles and Allison has a jar in her hands so everyone is getting ready to pull out a color they think they’re going to unwind when Allison tosses the jar away and says that each team will be untangling their own ribbon.  Now, if you’ve ever seen the show before you should have known this was going to happen.  To top this all off they find out that they have to untangle the ribbon while blind folded, only having the other team mate to guide them.  The White team went a little crazy with their ribbon and made a real hot mess out of everything so we can count them out right away.  The other teams are on a pretty level field, unless they get caught up in the white teams hot mess.   Turns out, the pink team did the worst of everyone as they were never able to untangle the ribbon from their first obstacle.   The winning team was the gray team, barely beating out the red team.  This gave the gray team immunity and the option to switch any teacher and student.  Flash forward to the weight in, gray gets to weigh in first because of immunity and they both do great, losing in the double digits.  They decide that they will swap the teacher and student of the white team because they feel that one of the team members on the white team isn’t putting in the work, which video evidence proves that he hasn’t.  All the teams weight in pretty much drama except for the red team.  The chick on the red team playing the game so hard it’s not even funny.  Since she knew her weight didn’t count for the last two weeks she hasn’t lost any weight.  It pissed the trainers off so bad that a screaming match started.  And again she is documented on video saying that since she doesn’t have to lose any weight she’s not going too.  Lucky for her hubs lost double digits and kept them above the yellow line.  Slacking white team member fell below the yellow line and his mom begged everyone to keep him there and send her home.  Parents are great aren’t they?  Well mom got sent home so it’s time for her son to step it up or else he’s gone next week.  Side note, I feel for read team, they’ve pissed off the trainers and it’s going to be go time.

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